(Last Updated On: January 21, 2020)

Even before plaintiffs’ lawyers Brian D. “Buck” Rogers and his young partner Michael L. Goldberg joined forces with friendly rival Joseph A. Fried three years ago to form Fried Goldberg, they were winning substantial
awards for clients. Since then, the personal injury boutique has been racking up millions in verdicts and settlements in Georgia and across the country, finding particular success in the specialty of trucking accidents, including a $10 million verdict in federal court last year.

“Anytime we have a case of disputed liability that looks like it’s going to trial, it’s best to get Michael in early,” says Rogers. Expressing admiration for his younger colleague’s trial technique, Rogers says Goldberg “only
has one weakness in front of a jury: kryptonite.”

A conversation with Goldberg soon reveals what may be the key to his success in the courtroom: He loves a good yarn and has even written a number of children’s stories based on the characters he dreamed up for his
own kids’ bedtime tales.

“I’ve always been a storyteller,” says Goldberg, kicking back in his firm’s conference room with an easy grin. “I think it started with my dad; he always told me stories: Uncle Remus, B’rer Rabbit—I guess I’ve incorporated that into my own stories.”


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