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We Know Every Twist and Turn on the Road to Justice

We fight fiercely for our clients, and many become our friends

The people we represent individually in terrible trucking accident cases deserve a fierce legal advocate. We fight for them with compassion, and many become our close friends.

At Fried Goldberg LLC, we are determined to get justice for individuals whose lives have been impacted by devastating truck accidents. More than 95% of our practice is dedicated to trucking litigation. If you were seriously hurt in a truck accident – or lost a loved one – we can help you demand justice and accountability.

Trucking companies and their insurance companies have extensive resources at their disposal and will do everything they can to minimize your claim. You need an experienced attorney to help you overcome all of the obstacles they put in your way. We have a long history of successfully handling complex cases in Atlanta and throughout the country.

“We stand fiercely by our clients in the aftermath of tragic trucking accidents.”
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“Following my accident, I was in tremendous pain, financially desperate, and very afraid. From the moment I walked through their office door until the day I settled my case, I was treated with the utmost respect, kindness, and unwavering professionalism… At one of the most traumatic and uncertain times of my life, I was blessed with Fried Goldberg LLC.” – Hannah L

Fighting for Families Nationwide

Our focus on trucking litigation and the verdicts and settlements we have obtained for clients have earned us a national reputation. In fact, the vast majority of the cases we handle come from other lawyers. Getting a case resolved with the right results for clients involves many different factors, including:

Legal knowledge

Our attorneys have a deep understanding of the federal and state regulations that apply to tractor-trailers and other commercial motor vehicles. We know the responsibilities that drivers and trucking companies have to ensure the safe operation of a truck on the road.


Our legal team works to gather and preserve evidence such as accident reports, witness statements, traffic camera video, electronic control module (ECM) data, maintenance and inspection records, driver qualification and training records, and hours of service (HOS) logs.

Identifying liable parties

Establishing who is at fault in a truck accident can be complex, as multiple parties may be involved. These include the truck driver, the trucking company, the owner of the cargo, the company that loaded the cargo, and even the manufacturer of truck components.


Our lawyers are skilled negotiators who are experienced in assessing the value of a claim. We consider medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages and negotiate a settlement that meets the needs of our clients.


If a negotiation can’t be reached, we’re prepared to take your truck accident case to court, where we have obtained substantial awards for injured victims.

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How do I choose a truck accident attorney?
Every truck accident case needs a truck accident attorney.

It is imperative that injured victims and their families choose the right attorney to represent them in their claim against a trucking company and its insurer. Many attorneys advertise that they handle truck accident cases, but often they do not have the background and experience to handle these complex matters. You might end up settling your case for a fraction of the actual value.

We have put together this checklist of questions to verify that you are choosing the right attorney. Don’t settle for an attorney with anything less than these qualifications.

Every truck accident case requires a dedicated truck accident attorney
Law Firms
Dedicates more than 95% of our practice to truck accident cases
Pioneered using an in-house team of truck accident experts ready to investigate
Invited presenters on complex matters of truck accidents for legal education
Published a legal treatise on US truck accident law
Lectured and taught other lawyers how to use electronic data stored by commercial vehicles
Featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Detroit News, and The Los Angeles Times
Coaches litigators on federal regulations governing truck operations
Recovers millions of dollars in truck accident settlements and verdicts every year
A law firm other lawyers refer their truck accident clients
Former Presidents, Co-Chairs, and founding members of truck accident-only nationwide litigation groups
Protecting People from the Bully

You can expect compassionate support for both you and your family when you put your trust in us to fight for you. Our attorneys take the time to listen to your account of what happened. We ask questions to help us understand the impact the accident has had on your life. And we can answer any questions that you have about the legal process.

You can also expect us to seek maximum compensation for your losses. We build a strong case built on evidence and determine the total damages you have suffered. While your recovery will depend on many different factors, we are determined to help you get the best possible outcome.

Millions Recovered

Our experienced attorneys have represented individuals who have been seriously injured. We are proud of the outstanding reputation we have within our industry and our track record of success, which sets us apart. In particular, we have recovered nearly $1 billion for our clients throughout the country.

$30 million +
$11- $30 million
$1- $10 million
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