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At Fried Goldberg LLC, we strive to provide the highest standard of legal representation to truck accident victims. Trucking accident victims know they can trust an attorney at our firm. Below, read a sampling of our client testimonials. Our lawyers are proud of our impressive track record of verdicts and settlements.

If you were hurt in an accident and would like a free consultation, or are a plaintiff’s attorney who would like to speak with us, please contact us.

Reviews from our clients

“I am an attorney, but do not practice personal injury law. So when I busted a vertebra after a truck jackknifed in front of me on I-285, another attorney recommended Michael Goldberg. The trucker’s insurance company went into liquidation, but Michael was able to get a great settlement from my insurance company under my uninsured motorist coverage that was more than 75% of the coverage limit.”

Wayne C.

“Michael Goldberg and his team worked hard and diligent on my case. I would recommend Michael Goldberg and his team to anyone who is in need of knowledgeable and caring attorneys. I can’t thank them enough. I’m very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Thanks again guys!!!!!”

Osbert B.

“My experience with Fried Goldberg was a great experience in resolving my auto accident. The attorney that I worked with answered all of my questions and was always reachable, I don’t think that I had to leave him a message one time he always answered. Fried Goldberg is who I would call if ever I had to use an attorney again.”

Jacinda B.

“After being lost in the case load for a billboard lawyer, I’m happy to say that I was treated with the utmost respect, and professionalism from my attorney, Briant Mildenhall, here at Fried Goldberg. The response time was amazing, and he was amazing for how he helped me navigate through this really bad time of my life. Briant Mildenhall did an astounding job.”

Dustin H.

“My experience at Fried Goldberg LLC exceeded my expectations in every way! Following my accident, I was in tremendous pain, financially desperate, and very afraid. From the moment I walked through their office door until the day I settled my case, I was treated with the utmost respect, kindness, and unwavering professionalism. My attorney, Adam P. Smith, was beyond phenomenal! His legal expertise, procedural competence, and personal consideration are simply unparalleled. At one of the most traumatic and uncertain times of my life, I was blessed with Fried Goldberg LLC.”

Hannah L.

“My experience with this law firm was superb. I love the humanness about the lawyers I dealt with, Briant and Joe. They empathized with my family throughout the process and beyond, for having to deal with the horrible trauma my brother suffered. I also like the fact that this is not a firm that deals with a ton of cases, which can result in your case not getting the attention needed. They were very thorough and dedicated to our case and they left “no stone unturned”. Will highly recommend this firm in a trucking matter, which was what my brother’s case was about.”

Jud G.

“I was in a really bad car accident. I went thru several medical treatments because the accident left me with a back injury. But Thank God sent me an angel, lawyer Adam Smith. He help me in this process. He explained everything so detailed and in the most honest way, he never skipped any information. He was always on top of my case. I’m so happy and thankful that he took my case.”

Aleyda V.

“I worked with Adam Smith and had an amazing experience Adam worked for me in my case to provide an excellent experience. He was very attentive and always made sure we proceeded based on what my wants and needs. 10 out of 10 Adam is the best Lawyer!”


“Michael Goldberg is an amazing attorney. Very knowledgeable in his specific field of law. Extremely professional, but also kind, and considerate. He was always available to answer any questions, and returned messages and answered emails and texts in a very timely manner. Michael brought a very successful conclusion to my case, and I can never thank him enough for all that he did. He always made me feel as though I was his most important client. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Susan M.

“This law firm did so much for my family and our case. We greatly appreciate everything Michael Goldberg has done. We are so thankful for all the hard work and going above and beyond in everything they did for us. Thank you so much.”


“Adam Smith is top tier! Excellent experience, very personable and professional.”

Lindon W.

“I got to know Mr. Briant Mildenhall in 2019 and he has been with me on my case until early 2022. He made sure everything works well, he is highly skilled and experienced attorney, he made me understand what is going on and took the best care of me. He kept me updated at all times. I am pleased with the results that Fried Goldberg LLC delivered. Team of Fried Goldberg LLC are hard working people. Joe Fried, Briant Mildenhall and Nathan Gaffney will be forever in my heart and my prayers. I am forever grateful to them for being there for me in the most challenging time of my life.

I would recommend them to anyone. They do excellent work.”

Beverly H.

“This is such a great company. I have been with them as a client for almost 2 years now and I can honestly say that they have felt like family for this experience I had to endure. They’re beyond professional and their communication is very commendable. Brian is beyond extraordinary and a great person to call on and rely on for anything. Lisa and Greg are great too. If I ever need to, I won’t hesitate to come back to them. I know I can rely on them for anything.”


“My wife and I were unfortunately hit by a truck and our injuries were more severe than we initially thought.

We then contacted a well known law firm that was said to have a well known reputation for winning these types of cases. Their attorney sent a demand letter to the insurance company for full policy payment which they quickly declined.

After the insurance company denied payment, the best thing he did for us was to call Adam Smith at Fried Goldberg and bring him on as Co-counsel.

Mr. Smith called us to introduce himself, to give us a quick rundown of events we could expect to take place and to answer any questions that we may have. He was very detailed and patient to explain legal jargon that he knew we didn’t understand and how the law worked pertaining to our case.

In the end, he was able to get the insurance company to pay the entire policy to us- something the other attorney couldn’t do. By the way, we never heard from the first lawyer again.

Most would say that lawyers do too little for too much. But Mr. Smith not only earned his percentage, but he earned the percentage for the initial law firm as well. If you have a similar case, I suggest you only call Adam Smith at Fried Goldberg.”

Brian J.

“If there were more stars to give, Adam Smith definitely deserves those stars. I am extremely proud of the services that Adam rendered, from the moment we first talked until the moment we received compensation for our claim.

Adam was amazing beyond description. No amount of stars or praise would be sufficient to express the care and service that he gave us on our case. Adam explained the law, outlined in clear language the steps in the process that where needed to be done. He was reassuring, articulate, knowable and effective.

He was always there to take my call, or call me asap when he had a chance. His stellar service deserves a reward, bonus, or raise. He was absolutely amazing.

I would certainly recommend this law firm to any and everyone that is in need of excellent legal representation.”

Andrea J.

“Adam Smith and the whole firm at Fried Goldberg are by far the best personal injury attorneys in Atlanta. Adam is very attentive, responsive and tell you exactly what to expect doing your whole matter. Being in an accident is one of the most horrific experience one can have and especially if surgery is involved. But knowing a Firm like Fried Goldberg and has your back it makes concentrating on healing a lot better, Thanks Adam for all your help and expertise.”

P. T.

“Reputation is important in this industry, you are what you do when it counts. This carries more credibility than being inundated with billboard, bus stop and TV ads all proclaiming quick money when the reality is when you have a serious case, you need experienced legal professionals who understand the value of your time but also the personal impact of what an event can have on you and your family.
Understanding that each case is inherently different and that it is a marathon not a sprint, is what is going to lend the highest level of confidence and probability for a win. Preparation balanced with well timed execution of plans is what made Brian Mohs worth more than the money acquired, I gained resolution and justice.”


“I contacted Fried Goldberg LLC after I was involved in an auto accident as a back seat passenger. I was injured and Brian Mohs, Esquire handled my case. Both the law firm and Attorney Brian Mohs were wonderful! Working with Brian Mohs and others at Fried Goldberg put my mind at ease. They were so knowledgeable, provided very good advice, kept in regular contact and handled my case so professionally. I would highly recommend this firm and particularly this attorney if you want to get a fair settlement and experience minimal stress.”

Barbara A.

“Fried Goldberg did an awesome job within 6 months of talking with Eric my case was done”


“My lawyer Brian Mohs was exceptional!! It really was a pleasure working with him or allowing him to work for us and keep us posted on our legal suit as I dealt with my everyday life events without having to be burdened with the legal aspects of my situation. Having full confidence in your lawyer is a great feeling and a relief. Anytime I needed to ask a question, he was available or called me back shortly after. If any other legal troubles come up I will not hesitate to call Mr. Mohs for his assistance. The timeliness of my case being handled was also extremely satisfactory. Very professional, straight shooter, prompt, determined, and extremely intelligible whilst being down to earth and real. Great experience. I would highly recommend that if you need legal help, call Brian. He’s your guy!”

Joy J.

“Attorney Green and staff was instrumental navigating all of my legal needs after I experienced a traumatic motor vehicle accident. Hence, I was able to concentrate on my recovery knowing I have obtained excellent legal representation. Thank you!”

Phil P.

“Great trial lawyers who explain the litigation process very thoroughly and patiently.”

Ajay S.

“I was in an accident with an 18 wheeler truck. The truck ran a red light and hit by car in the front, spun it around and hit it in the back. My granddaughter was in the back seat. It was a miracle that we were not killed, another second into the intersection and we probably would both have been killed or injured very seriously. I lost consciousness momentarily and don’t remember the accident at all but my granddaughter described it to me. The Paramedics took me to the hospital in an ambulance and after an MRI it was discovered that I had a brain bleed. I was taken to ICU and cared for until it was obvious that the bleed had stopped. I was sent home to bed rest. My memory was affected by the accident and now 18 months later I still have some minor memory issues. My son recommended that I call Fried Goldberg LLC as he had professional acquaintance with the firm.

I was assigned Attorney Adam Smith and worked with him over the next year until my case was resolved. I had started out with the expectation of my car being replaced and my medical bills taken care off, but with the great work that Adam and his assistant Madison did for me I received a settlement for far more than that. Adam was very attentive to my needs and when I called him he responded to my call right away. He kept me informed of the progress of the case and was able to negotiate with the insurance company for much more than they initially offered.

I might add that all this was going on thru the Covid19 Pandemic which did make life harder. The insurance company would not return phone calls and it was not until a court case was brought up that they finally assigned an attorney that Adam was able to deal with. She had a baby and so did Adam’s wife give birth during this time so there was a lot going on during this settlement.

I appreciate everything that Adam and Madison did to help bring it to a very satisfactory conclusion.”

Marie B.

“Staff was very knowledgeable and well prepared. They got the settlement details worked out faster than we expected.”

Tom D.

“I was involved in an accident with an 18 wheeler in 2019, which caused a lot of emotional and financial strains on me. In 2020 I was introduced to Brian Mohs at the Fried Goldberg law office and from day one Brian was very professional, polite and informative. I never had to call Brain for an update on my case he was always on top of everything. So, when my case was ready to settle… Brian called me to provide me with all the information needed to understand the process. I am very excited to know Brian worked very hard for me and I so appreciate it. Thank you Brian Mohs and Fried Goldberg law office.”

Nakita R.

“Briant Mindenhall was our families attorney during a horrible time after the loss of my brother due to a trucking accident. My family lives in Virginia and while they are located in Georgia we were referred to them by a family member. Briant is a very patient, smart and caring person. The entire staff at Fried Goldberg was very knowledgeable and companionate. They were always available and went above a beyond to work on our case. There really are no words to express our gratitude for how wonderful our experience was with this firm and Briant. We all felt like we had a big family backing us up and helping us get through this ordeal!”

Gena W.

“Brian Mohs handled my case. It was a long case — for me — took 2 and a half years. But he had great tactics, and proved he knew what he was doing as I got what I felt I deserved. I am happy with his services and happy with those of Mathew Watson that also worked on my case. I got what I needed so I could not have got better attorneys at my side.”

James H.

“I worked with Adam Smith on my case and he was great. Always in touch with me and went above and beyond to always explain every detail of the case to me and answer any questions I had, day or night. Always set aside time out if his schedule to call and explain all the details as well. He was a pleasure to work with and really understood and sympathized with the injury that I had suffered caused by the accident. He worked hard to get me the most compensation that he could for the pain and suffering I have endured. I highly recommend him to anyone with the legal needs he handles.”


“Brian Mohs and his assistant at Fried Goldberg LLC were to work with from the beginning. Brian was professional and demonstrated that he cared about me and my case from the beginning. I was hit by a driver in a work truck one morning. Brian and Fried Goldberg LLC made sure to keep me and my personal attorney in the loop for every decision that was made on my case. I am very happy with way they handled my personal injury case.”

Cenita D.

“Undergoing both property damage and personal injury in an accident is challenging, to say the least! Aside from the pain, suffering, and recovery of injury, there is the burden and hardship of insurance claims, vehicle replacement, inability to work, lost wages — you name it! I recently underwent such an experience.

Some time ago, a driver cut across several lanes of oncoming traffic, totaled my car, and injured me to the point of undergoing surgery. Thankfully, the experts at Fried Goldberg were there to help put my life back together! Attorney Adam Smith, along with his friendly and professional support team took immediate action and managed the process from start to finish.

Adam and his team were the epitome of proactiveness and efficiency! Their diligence to my case made this process amazingly stress free! They kept me abreast of every nuance and left no stone un-turned! Notwithstanding their case load, they made me feel as though I was the only client they had!

Now that my case has been settled, I could not be more pleased by the results this firm has provided! My settlement was enough to cover all of my medical bills, replace my car, and more than compensate me for all the loss I suffered from the accident. I sincerely hope that no one reading this review has to undergo what I have, but if you do, please, do yourself a favor, and call Fried Goldberg LLC!”

Robert B.

“I have nothing but great things to say about Adam Smith with Fried Goldberg LLC, I am very pleased. After being injured in a dump truck accident my experience with him could not have been better. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and attentive to my healthcare needs. I definitely appreciate him for being an amazing communicator by being forthcoming with information leaving no room for confusion and/or misunderstanding. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a great attorney.”

Jackie H.

“I definitely recommend this firm. Brian Mohs was my attorney. He did an excellent job. He made me feel very comfortable. He is great about keeping you updated on what’s going on and what to expect. And he was spot on every time. He offers advice and words of wisdom without being pushy. Kind of like having a big brother in your corner.”

Marcie S.

“Brad Thomas did an amazing job representing us.  Working with him was a pleasure.  He was so compassionate and helpful in every way and made sure we got the highest settlement.”

Larry C.

“I was referred to Brad Thomas after several years of using attorneys from other firms that did not help my case. I believe that Brad was God sent. He knew the right questions to ask and the process to get my accident case moving to the final acceptable agreement. He did an excellent job in representing me.

Thank you Brad!!!”


“Brad Thomas did an amazing job representing me. I could not have asked for a more professional and courteous lawyer. He kept me informed from start to finish. Thanks again Brad!!!”

Michele S.

“I am delighted to recommend Brian Mohs with Fried Rogers Goldberg, LLC after working with him for a year following a major vehicle accident. For nearly ten years I traveled approximately 600 miles back-and-forth to work each week without incident, until I was struck by a careless truck driver. Brian thoroughly handled every aspect of my case with quality care. His experience and superior research and analytics greatly benefited the outcome of my case. He is delightfully personable and especially easy to trust. I recommend him highly if you should need an incredibly competent trucking attorney!”

Joya C.H.

“Please regard this as the highest recommendation for Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC. I was a victim of a serious crash that caused a spinal cord injury and lifelong paraplegia. This accident was caused by an irresponsible truck driver that crashed into my motor home from behind. Joe Fried was brought into my legal team as a truck accident expert attorney, which he is. In fact, not only is he brilliant in his knowledge of the trucking industry, he is the epitome of what a great attorney should be. He was kind, compassionate and caring and I felt very comfortable with him. I was completely impressed watching him depose the defendants. His knowledge, presence, preparedness and his ability to get to the facts is astonishing. I received a substantial settlement and I am truly grateful.”

Jose P.

“I’m delighted to have Michael Goldberg as lawyer for my brother’s case he is a great attorney.”

Gloria B.

“Excellent service! There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude! The customer service is superb and the lawyers are the best in the business!”

Monique B.

“I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Adam Smith and he was an amazing lawyer always around when you need a question asked and do not mind calling you or texting you on his off day or time off he is very passionate about what he do if I ever need to use a lawyer this is my guy as long as I walk this earth and if my family needs a lawyer he will be the guy as well again thanks Adam for all your help and support it was a long road to the end but you got me here thanks again“

Richard S.

“Adam smith was hands on with my case. He always answered all my calls no matter what time of day it was. I will be recommending him to all my friends from this point forward. Thank you Fried Rogers Goldberg you guys have changed my life.”

Quintella P.

“Michael Goldberg and his team worked hard and diligent on my friend’s case. We would recommend Michael Goldberg and his team to anyone who is in need of a knowledgeable and caring lawyer and seeking a great outcome. My friend was very satisfied with handling of his case.

Thank you Michael Goldberg.”


“These are guys are great if you want someone to stand up to insurance companies and get you the max amount for your settlement case give them a call”

Delvin S.

“They handled my case expediently. I couldn’t even get a response from the insurance company. Now I have my case settled at a fair amount. I owe it all to Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC.”


“Excellent service. Professional and personal. Spectacular job in court summarizing the case. These guys are sharp and know how what they are doing in and out of court. They truly had my best interest in mind the entire trip through the legal process. I would not hesitate to recommend this firm.”

Joseph R.

“Michael Goldberg handled my case in a very timely manner and got me much more than I expected and let me know all the steps I needed to do every bit of the way. Very very satisfied with him as my lawyer. Highly recommend him!!”

Joseph S.

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Reviews from other attorneys

“These guys exceeded my expectations! I’m a lawyer myself and about one year ago I had to take care of my client’s case regarding a rear end collision with a utility truck at a stop light. After a few weeks of trial we reached no deal so I researched on the web and found Fried Goldberg LLC. From the first discussion with them I knew I’m on good hands. They worked with me diligently to find a solution reaching a favorable verdict. I’m really glad I choose them and not just anybody else! Thank you and I wish you the warmest Happy Holidays!!! “

A Google User

“I heard Joe give a great seminar on jury selection for trucking injury cases. I called and spoke with him at length about a trucking injury case that occurred in Georgia. He is very knowledgeable and friendly and I may refer/co-counsel a case with him very soon.”

Justin Z.

“Thank you for helping me with my trucking case. I wanted to let you know that the jury returned a 100% verdict in favor of my client. Your insight and expertise helped me reach this result on my client’s behalf.”

Missouri attorney

“I want to thank you for your handling of this case. Your work on this case directly led to this unbelievable settlement. I also greatly appreciate your generosity in dividing the fee and look forward to many cases in the future.”

Jonesboro attorney

“I want you to know how much I enjoyed working with you on this case. I believe that your expertise greatly enhanced the value of the case. I look forward to working with you on many more cases in the future.”

Atlanta attorney

“Fried Goldberg is passionately committed to the development and training of Plaintiff’s Attorneys (of all levels) and has built itself a reputation as a respected and reliable source of information and continued learning.”

Amber W.

“Fried Goldberg is a law firm with phenomenal attorneys that are not only are the best of the best at handling trucking litigation, but they are all around fantastic humans. The attorneys at Fried Goldberg are generous with their time and freely share their knowledge and expertise with their fellow plaintiff attorneys. I cannot thank them enough for their support. (Evita is also a superstar.)”

Lynda P.

“Fried Goldberg is the best at what they do. It’s that simple. And what they do is trucking and commercial vehicle cases. Others handle them, and we do too, but Joe and Michael are the very best IMHO. But it’s more than that. Few lawyers with their experience, insight, and knowledge are as willing to share; even less are willing to dedicate the immense energy, effort, and resources to do it. But not Joe and Michael. Selfless through and through. Their content has elevated my practice and, in turn, made positive impacts on my own client’s cases. Grateful to have them as members of the plaintiff bar.”

Jordan R.

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this firm. The educational breakfasts, seminars, and email blasts sent to assist other lawyers in the industry are second to none. I have learned so much from this firm simply by attending their breakfast meetings where you learn what worked and what didn’t work in some of the most recent high profile injury trials. They have made me a better practicing attorney and for this I will always be grateful.”

Clark K.

“Fried Goldberg continuously provides value to the legal community here in Georgia. Specifically, they host monthly breakfast meetings to give attorneys, who have received recent successful verdicts, an opportunity to speak about the intricacies of their cases, what worked and what didn’t. These meetings not only provide tremendous insight for us as Plaintiff’s attorneys in prosecuting our own cases, but also are equally as motivating and inspiring to go be great. Overall, an excellent resource for the continually evolving practice of civil law.”

Marcus R.

“I am honored to write this review of Fried Goldberg. I have attended seminars, webinars, and read books provided by the attorneys and staff of Fried Goldberg. They are the gold standard in every thing they do and continue to raise the bar for everyone who has ever been hurt by a bad actor/trucking company.”

Christopher P.

“Fried Goldberg is an amazing firm who have always exceeded in excellence by selflessly sharing their expertise with other attorneys.”

Arash J.

“The amazing work that Fried Goldberg LLC does in the area of trucking is unrivaled. I am an attorney who has been amazed by their expertise and resources for fellow attorneys.

I would highly recommend them to fellow attorneys and clients.”

Keenan S.

“As a fellow attorney, I appreciate Fried Goldberg’s willingness to further the legal profession by offering advice and providing excellent seminars and course materials. It is always a pleasure to speak with the attorneys at Fried Goldberg. In all my encounters with this firm, each of their attorneys has exhibited professionalism and prompt communication. It is a pleasure working with them, and I highly recommend them.”


“Joe Fried’s seminars are awesome: Goal directed, practical and to the point. He is
a great teacher who excels at simplifying his cases. He is humble & down to earth.
A trial lawyer to emulate.”

Robert H.

“I practice personal injury law and frequently handle cases involving 18-wheeler crashes. I have attended several seminars put on by Joe Fried and I learn something new every time I do. Joe is a tremendous teacher and consummate professional who never hesitates to share his knowledge and expertise with others.”

Noel H.

“Briant Mildenhall was able to come into the second half of our lawsuit and help our attorney complete it in the most positive way. He spent a lot of time on the phone and in person with us, reassuring us, explaining all the details, preparing to go to court, meeting and handling the company we were suing professionally and efficiently. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. We are so grateful for the time and effort spent on our behalf by Briant and Joe. They went above and beyond and we’ll be eternally grateful.”

Shane H.

“As an attorney in the community, it is an honor to write this review of Fried Goldberg. Last week I attended a seminar that the attorneys and staff of Fried Goldberg prepared and presented. The seminar was professionally presented, the topics relevant, and most importantly, the seminar was presented to attorneys working in the same area of practice as Fried Goldberg. It was a presentation of knowledge and experience. Fried Goldberg presented this information to the larger legal community as a resource to help attorneys stay abreast of new developments in the law, understand what works, and often more importantly what does not. Ultimately the view of sharing such information helps the general public, and those who need legal assistance get the best representation. I personally thank each and every member of the firm who took the time to prepare and present such an informative seminar.”

Harlan W.

“As a colleague and fellow plaintiff’s lawyer, I can personally attest to the quality of lawyers at Fried Goldberg. Joe and Michael and the rest of the crew are always incredibly gracious in their efforts towards improving the quality of the legal profession and representation of plaintiffs that have been injured at the hands of others. Their commitment here is notable and greatly appreciated. Thank you, guys.”

Todd S.

“The lawyers at Fried Goldberg are truly experts in handling serious injuries suffered in a trucking collision. In addition to providing outstanding representation to their clients, this firm is an invaluable resource for personal injury attorneys throughout the state.”

Chris Y.

“I really enjoyed the commercial vehicle law symposium. Thank you Fried Goldberg for putting on such an informative seminar.”

Parker M.

“Fantastic law firm. I always learn something when we collaborate on cases or share ideas and techniques. They are top notch!”

Blade T.

“I attended the Commercial Motor vehicle Law Symposium yesterday. It was a great refresher on some topics, but I learned so much that I can incorporate in my practice. Thanks to all!”

Christine K.

“The guys at Fried Goldberg are exceptional attorneys, and they are also incredibly generous with their time and resources, regularly sharing their expert knowledge and invaluable practice pointers with other attorneys. We are lucky to have them in the Atlanta legal community.”

Matt B.

“As a Truck Litigator as well, I follow Joe Fried as a mentee. I attend all his courses and have copies of his work. He is a valuable tool and I have heard great things about him. He is highly recommended.”

Dee K.

“I have represented people involved in personal injury including catastrophic/wrongful death for over the last 17 years. Joe Fried and his team at Fried Goldberg, LLC represent the highest level of professionalism, integrity and competence in the area of trucking personal injury. Fried Goldberg, LLC has set a very high bar from a place of true compassion for the injured. Their contributions and readiness to share their knowledge with other attorneys improves highway safety for everyone.”


“I appreciate their efforts in helping and providing information to upcoming lawyers who are attending law school.”

Zachery W.

“In addition to their top notch lawyering, I can’t say enough about this firm’s willingness to share its wealth of experience and information with fellow lawyers to help build a stronger legal community. It’s a special type of firm that tries to help their competition to be better advocates. Briant Mildenhall’s recent webinar on hiring experts is another great example of how they continue to raise the bar for justice. Keep up the great work!”

Jeff Y.

“Great Webinar by Briant Mildenhall. Always learn something new. Looking forward to the next one.”

Angel F.

“Fried Goldberg LLC has a well-earned reputation as one of the best firms in the state. On the defense side, their appearance meant that a plaintiff with life-changing injuries had found the right attorneys to get a fair result. After changing sides, I have learned that their top-notch advocacy is matched by their education efforts. Their attorneys are generous with their time, spending time training young or less experienced attorneys and sharing best practices, forms, and war stories. They are excellent attorneys who will doubtless continue to get great results for their clients.”

Michael A.

“Co-counseled recently with F-G attorney Briant Mildenhall on a tragic tractor-trailer crash in Georgia. Briant is an A # 1, first class, top-shelf, attorney. He is exceptionally knowledgeable, especially on procedural legal matters, which is so critical in resolving complex cases. It was a pleasure working with him and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again.”

Stephen G.

“This firm provided me with valuable materials on motor carrier law. Thank you.”

Anthony G.

“Without a doubt, this is the GO-TO law firm in Georgia for trucking cases involving catastrophic injuries. I would highly recommend!!!!!”

Robert G.

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