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Motorcycles are cheaper than cars, use less fuel for more mileage, and can reduce your commuting time. But no matter how cautious you are, you can’t control the behavior of other people on the road. A negligent driver can cause a motorcycle accident that leaves you seriously hurt.

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Unfortunately, many motorists are intentionally rude and inconsiderate of bikers, and that can be dangerous. Drivers in cars don’t have the right to try to bully bikers from entering a lane or exiting and entering the freeway. When motorcyclists are hurt in accidents, the experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at Fried Goldberg LLC hold negligent drivers accountable.

Motorcyclists have a far higher risk of being injured in a crash with a car or truck due to the vast differences in weight of the colliding vehicles. The average sedan can weigh around 4,000 pounds; the average motorcycle – a mere 400 pounds. Unfortunately, all too often car drivers ignore this fact, and their negligence can be devastating.

Experienced motorcycle accident attorneys who know how to get results

Injuries to motorcyclists often happen in accidents caused by the negligence of other drivers or defective equipment.

Yet motorcyclists are often blamed for collisions even when it is not their fault. Most insurance companies assume motorcyclists are reckless, are always speeding and weaving in out of traffic. We understand the prejudice against motorcyclists and know how to convince the jury to focus on the facts of the accident rather than the fact that a motorcycle was involved in the collision.

We are known as the Truck Accident Attorneys, but we also handle other practice areas. Our commitment is to protect anyone, including motorcyclists, injured at the hands of another driver. We know too well that a big-rig collision with a motorcycle can result in catastrophic harm for the biker, including wrongful death.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, please give us a call. Our combined decades of personal injury litigation experience means we understand how to deal with all the parties involved – the person who hit you, the insurance companies and most importantly you and your family – to provide the best legal options for your specific needs.

Fried Goldberg Motorcycle Accident Verdicts and Settlements

  • $1.75 million – Truck/Motorcycle Collision
  • $1 million – Truck/Motorcycle Collision
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Common motorcycle injuries

The very thing that makes riding a motorcycle so exhilarating is also what makes them so dangerous – namely a human sitting atop an aluminum and steel frame with a powerful engine, wearing nothing but the clothes on their back and a helmet on their head. A car has various built-in safety features to protect the human body from impact damage. A motorcycle, not so much. A sudden stop or smash against a vehicle that vastly outweighs yours is bound to end in pain.

Common motorcycle injuries include:

  • Road rash – Protecting your largest organ, your skin, is vital when riding a motorcycle. It’s why most gear is designed to look and feel like medieval armor. Road rash is what happens when your exposed skin slides against the ground during a fall. Similar to burns, road rash comes in degrees ranging from first degree (a minor scrape) to third (requiring immediate medical treatment and skin grafting). Any degree of road rash left untreated could result in infection. The best way to avoid skin-to-surface contact in the event of a fall is to always wear protective gear.
  • Broken bones – Remember that tiny human/large engine scenario? Unless you’re a trained stuntman, a fall from a motorcycle is likely to result in broken bones. When you’re going down, often the first instinct is to use your hands to either brace the fall or protect your neck and torso. Because of this, broken femurs, shins and ankles are frequent injuries seen in bike accidents. While these may be less severe than a head or neck injury, they are still very painful.
  • Spinal cord injuries – Damage to the spinal cord can be minor or severe, depending on the location and severity of the injury. In worst case scenarios, a spinal cord injury could result in quadriplegia or total paralysis.
  • Muscle and nerve damage – Some of the more minor injuries that a motorcyclist can endure are sprains, strains and tears in the muscles, tendons or nerves. However, some types of nerve damage require multiple medical interventions – such as therapy and surgery – to fully heal.
  • Neck injuries – Your neck is the one part of your body almost fully exposed while riding. The weight of the helmet pulling on the neck and the g-forces exerted during a crash contribute to the severity of a neck injury.
  • Head injuries – The law requires motorcyclists to wear helmets in many states, including Georgia. But even when wearing a helmet, the blunt force trauma of a motorcycle crash can cause damage to your brain. This is also known as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBI is a serious medical condition. Even a mild bump on the head can cause headaches, loss of consciousness and temporary blindness. Severe TBI can cause personality changes, depression, and in rare cases, sudden savant syndrome.
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What to do after a motorcycle accident

The very first thing you should do when there is an accident is to seek medical attention. Have a doctor look you over even if you don’t think you are hurt. Some injuries have delayed symptoms.

As soon as you are able, you will need to file a claim with your insurance adjuster. To better support your claim:

  • Take notes. Write down every detail you can recall about the accident. What happened, the weather conditions, the time of day, and the people involved.
  • Keep an injury log. After you report your injuries to a medical provider, record any and all injuries, pain, treatments or other problems caused by the collision.
  • Include photographs documenting the location and the damage to property.
  • Locate witnesses. Their testimony of the event could strengthen your claim.

Next, get legal advice as soon as possible. Our motorcycle accident lawyers understand that victims often must endure months or years of treatment to reach a recovery. Our lawyers will aggressively protect your legal rights and help to ensure that your case is quickly and efficiently prosecuted so you can get your life back in order.

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