Practice Pointers for a Georgia Personal Injury Practice

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With more than 100 years of combined experience practicing as personal injury attorneys, the lawyers at Fried Goldberg LLC have combined our knowledge into a series of practice pointers. We include references to Georgia statutes and case law in order to provide insights and helpful hints for less experienced attorneys.

These practice pointers will cover a different topic each week, and a different practice pointer will be emailed to registrants every business day. We hope these daily practice pointers will help you in your practice to recognize the questions you should be asking yourself in each case and provide you the answers you need as a personal injury attorney.

The practice pointers will be emailed each morning beginning on January 15, 2024. You must certify that you solely represent plaintiffs in order to receive the emails. You can sign up by filling out the form:

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    Topics for Georgia Practice Pointers

    Many of these topics will be presented for more than one week as the practice pointers run for a total of 54 weeks.

    1. Service of Process
    2. Statute of Limitations
    3. Multiple Defendants, Claims and Claimants
    4. Parties
    5. Depositions
    6. Discovery
    7. Dismissal and Renewal of Complaint
    8. Default Judgments
    9. Responding to Motions
    10. Pretrial Matters
    11. Admissibility of Evidence at Trial
    12. Minor Claims
    13. Demands
    14. Negligent Failure to Settle and Bad Faith Claims
    15. Settlements
    16. Offer of Settlement Statute
    17. Unliquidated Damages Act
    18. Liens
    19. Venue
    20. Experts
    21. Negligence Claims
    22. Defenses to Negligence Claims
    23. Workers Comp Exclusivity Rule
    24. Vicarious Liability
    25. Nondelegable Duties
    26. Apportionment
    27. Spoliation of Evidence
    28. Underinsured Motorist Coverage
    29. John Doe Claims
    30. Personal Injury Damages
    31. Loss of Consortium
    32. Wrongful Death
    33. Punitive Damages
    34. Ante Litem Notice for Governmental Entities
    35. Sovereign Immunity for Governments
    36. Dram Shop Liability
    37. Boating Accidents and Drownings
    38. Common Carriers, Elevators and Escalators
    39. Liability for Injuries on the Premises
    40. Dog Bites
    41. Bankruptcy, Stays and Forum Non Conveniens
    42. Commercial Vehicle Accidents

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