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When a large truck crashes into a car, the consequences can be devastating. Victims can suffer catastrophic injuries that are life-changing and sometimes fatal. If the truck accident was caused by negligence, victims deserve financial compensation for their losses. But holding negligent parties accountable can be challenging.

The lawyers of Fried Goldberg LLC focus more than 95% of our practice to the handling of accidents involving commercial vehicles – including commercial trucks, tractor trailers, and buses. Based in Atlanta, our attorneys are admitted to practice in Georgia and numerous other states, and we frequently serve as co-counsel with other firms nationwide.

Commercial truck accidents are much different than car crashes. A truck accident lawsuit requires specific knowledge of this type of law and the regulations that apply to companies, drivers, and cargo.

We’ve obtained many successful verdicts and settlements for our clients through our understanding of the complexities of truck accident litigation. We also fight for changes in the trucking industry to help make the roads safer.

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Types of compensation in a truck accident lawsuit

When a commercial truck collides with a vehicle, the devastation can be immense. A passenger car is likely totaled beyond repair. Victims can sustain injuries that never fully heal, such as head, back, and neck injuries, or spinal cord injuries that severely limit mobility. In wrongful death cases, a loved one was lost.

After a truck accident, there are tangible benefits that can be gained by filing a lawsuit. Victims can recover compensation for:

  • Medical bills, from the initial emergency response to ongoing care such as physical therapy or pharmaceutical prescriptions
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Lost job-related benefits such as retirement contributions and health insurance
  • Pain and suffering (which entails both the physical pain caused by injuries, the emotional pain caused by untimely deaths, and the psychological anguish of resulting conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD))

Family members who lost a loved one in a truck accident may be able to file a wrongful death claim against negligent parties.

Truck Accident FAQ

What are the causes of truck accidents?

Truck drivers must follow specific federal safety regulations when they are on the road. When these regulations are not followed, accidents are more likely to happen. A trucking accident can happen due to:

  • Driving when fatigued
  • Reckless driving (especially during adverse weather conditions)
  • Defective equipment
  • Improperly secured loads or loads that exceed a truck’s maximum capacity
  • Unsafe passing

Fatigued driving remains one of the top reasons that commercial trucks are involved in accidents. There are strict regulations in place to ensure that truck drivers are receiving adequate amounts of restful sleep between the long hours traveling on the road. Failure to properly log these breaks or rest times is against federal safety regulations and puts everyone on the road at risk.

It also takes longer for a truck to be able to fully slow down or brake than a car. A commercial truck driver should maintain a proper distance between vehicles to prevent a collision if brakes need to be applied.

“My experience at Fried Goldberg LLC exceeded my expectations in every way! Following my accident, I was in tremendous pain, financially desperate, and very afraid. From the moment I walked through their office door until the day I settled my case, I was treated with the utmost respect, kindness, and unwavering professionalism. My attorney, Adam P. Smith, was beyond phenomenal! His legal expertise, procedural competence, and personal consideration are simply unparalleled. At one of the most traumatic and uncertain times of my life, I was blessed with Fried Goldberg LLC.” – Hannah

Determining truck accident liability

Although truck drivers are directly accountable for the accidents they cause, liability might also apply to the company the driver works for, the company the shipment is being delivered to, or the company that loaded the truck.

Truck companies must ensure that their vehicles are in good working condition and have been properly inspected and maintained. It is also the responsibility of a driver and the trucking company to ensure that logs are being properly updated and protocols are being followed.

Drivers of RVs or tractor trailers must also establish the proper type of experience to operate such large vehicles. They, too, must abide by the rules of the road, but also have additional factors to consider when driving due to the size of their vehicle.

In certain cases, drivers travel in teams. One person will drive the truck while the other person rests and then they switch. When there is a trucking accident that involves a co-driver, this person may also be able to sue the actual person driving at the time and the trucking company, if they are injured.

See Safety Statistics for Top Trucking Companies in our interactive dashboard.

Our firm thoroughly investigates truck accidents to identify negligent parties.

A truck accident settlement can help you recover the losses caused by your injuries

What to do if you were in a truck accident

A truck accident can be a traumatic experience and recovery from injuries can last days, weeks, or even longer. Some people are left with a permanent disability and may need future medical treatment.

If you were a victim of a truck accident, it’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible to learn about your legal options.

An attorney can gather the evidence necessary to put together a truck accident lawsuit on your behalf. Insurance companies will often want to settle a claim as quickly as possible, which often does not allow for the full coverage of costs for the injuries sustained.

Our Georgia truck accident lawyers will gather all the necessary information, such as accident reports, driver’s logs, truck maintenance records, and accident-related costs, to build a strong case on your behalf. We will then fight for the maximum amount of compensation owed to you.

How long does it take to settle a truck accident?

There is no one answer to questions about how long the case may take to settle. It could take as little as 6 months or as long as several years. Many factors can affect the settlement process, including whether negotiations with the company go well, how much evidence is available regarding the cause and fault of the accident, and the number of parties involved.

However, if the other side refuses to deal fairly, if they insist on going to trial in an attempt to intimidate our team of truck crash attorneys, we won’t back down. We will see your case through to the end.

Settlements can come at different times, even during a trial before the final verdict is decided. The settlements that come later are often higher than the initial offer when the opposing side realizes that our attorneys have come prepared to hold them accountable.

Breakdown of deaths caused by large truck accidents

Do truck accident cases go to trial?

A commercial truck accident case may go to trial, but our attorneys manage trial preparation so that it doesn’t interrupt the lives of our clients.

Though trials tend to take longer than negotiating a settlement, the financial awards can often be much higher because a judge or jury has more discretion to order extra damages. For example, on top of the compensation for injuries and losses, additional amounts in the form of punitive damages may be added to your total, which can help secure future financial stability.

Learn more about how we can help

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a trucking accident, contact us to schedule a free consultation. We can review the details of your case, review your legal options for recovering compensation and answer any questions that you have. Don’t delay – there is a time limit on how long you have to take legal action after a truck accident (in Georgia, it’s 2 years from the date of the crash).

Understanding Motor Carrier Claims Seventh Edition

If you are a plaintiff’s attorney who has a truck accident case, we are happy to discuss it with you or answer any questions. We have served as co-counsel with many firms across the country and are always willing to collaborate with other lawyers or help in any way we can.

Whatever your needs, contact us today to speak to one of our attorneys.

What is the average semi-truck accident settlement?

Every truck accident case is different. There’s no real “average” settlement amount for semi-truck of 18-wheeler accidents. The final settlement for any trucking accident claim will depend on many factors, including the extent of the injuries, financial losses involved, and fault (such as whether a driver was acting negligently versus recklessly).

On the other hand, the opposing party (and their insurance company) will likely try to present a settlement figure that is too low or that doesn’t cover all the losses involved. A skilled attorney will be able to negotiate for the proper settlement amount that fully meets the injured party’s needs.

Our team of truck crash lawyers have secured settlements for amounts over $30 million. We have recovered a total of nearly $1 billion for our clients in the state of Georgia alone.

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How experienced is Fried Goldberg in truck accident cases?

Our track record of verdicts and settlements shows decades of proven experience in truck accident cases, including:

  • $52 million for a teen who suffered severe brain injury when a tractor-trailer ran a stop sign in Atlanta, Georgia
  • $31 million for the wrongful death of an adult and two children who were killed when a tractor-trailer rear-ended their vehicle in North Carolina
  • $20.25 million for a North Georgia woman who suffered numerous fractures that required multiple surgeries when a wheel came off a tractor-trailer and hit her vehicle head-on

The story of our firm begins with Joe Fried, who became one of Atlanta, Georgia’s youngest police officers at age nineteen. In that capacity, Joe investigated hundreds of car and truck crashes. He also spent many hours in courtrooms where he noticed the glaring discrepancies between how commercial truck accident cases should be handled vs. average passenger vehicle accidents.

Joe decided to change careers to make a bigger difference in people’s lives, and this firm continues leading in truck accident litigation to this day. We also push for changes in the trucking industry to prevent future accidents and save lives.

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Does your firm teach other lawyers about truck accident litigation?

Yes. We work diligently to be thought leaders in the industry. We do this by volunteering our knowledge to other attorneys and legal professionals in breakfast workshop seminars, webinars, skills clinics, and co-counsel arrangements.

Knowledge of the law is not a zero-sum game, and we are not gatekeepers of secret information. What we know about how to win truck accident cases, we share in the hopes that other lawyers and their clients will benefit. This helps individuals one by one, but also helps reform the trucking industry and trucking laws, keeping all of us on the road a little bit safer every day.

These assets are part of our community service outreach in aiding fellow attorneys. It is work that we do hand-in-hand with providing our Annual Scales of Justice Scholarship for young students just beginning their legal education. We’re here to help both our clients and our colleagues — present and future — do good work in the personal injury and truck accident fields.

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What are some questions to ask a truck accident lawyer?

It’s a lawyer’s job to ensure that all your questions and concerns are addressed. You should feel free to raise any inquiries that you may have in connection with your trucking accident case. For example:

  • How long do I have to file a lawsuit?
  • Will this incident affect my work situation?
  • What damages might be available to me?
  • Who can I contact as my case is being handled?

Our firm offers a free, no-obligation consultation. Our attorneys are available to answer any questions you might have about your case.

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