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At Fried Goldberg LLC, we are committed to sharing our knowledge to help other attorneys who handle truck accident cases. By expanding their knowledge base, attorneys can enhance their advocacy skills, secure just compensation for their clients, and contribute to promoting safety in the trucking industry.

By attending our seminars, attorneys gain practical knowledge, insights, and strategies that enhance their ability to handle trucking accident cases successfully. Our goal is to foster a community of knowledgeable attorneys who can provide the best representation to their clients in complex trucking accident litigation.

We also offer a free resource for plaintiff’s attorneys – Understanding Motor Carrier Claims. This book takes a closer look at the complexities of trucking litigation to help attorneys navigate the claims process.

You’ll also find other resources on our site, including information for law enforcement officers, and tips for personal injury lawyers. Our firm is also proud to offer a scholarship for high school students about to enter college.

Our firm is dedicated to helping victims of truck accidents recover compensation, holding negligent trucking companies accountable, and pushing for changes in the trucking industry to help make roads safer. We’re happy to share our knowledge with other attorneys who share those goals. If you are a plaintiff’s attorney interested in learning more about trucking litigation or would like to consult us on a specific case, we would love to hear from you. Contact us to speak to one of our truck accident lawyers.

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