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At Fried Goldberg LLC, we are committed to sharing our knowledge to help other attorneys who handle truck accident cases. By expanding their knowledge base, attorneys can enhance their advocacy skills, secure just compensation for their clients, and contribute to promoting safety in the trucking industry.

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    Co-Counsel Agreements
    This page contains information about generating fees for personal injury cases through co-counsel arrangements, even if you are not a personal injury attorney. Ethical rules allow fee sharing arrangements between lawyers as co-counsel in personal injury cases.
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  • Understanding Motor Carrier Claims Book
    Request A Copy of Understanding Motor Carrier Claims
    Our book – Understanding Motor Carrier Claims, 7th Edition – provides an analysis of the commercial vehicle law and practical applications of handling commercial vehicle cases. Click the button below to request a complimentary copy of the book.
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    Breakfast Workshop Seminar
    We are happy to announce that we have resumed our regular Breakfast Workshops. We invite you to continue checking this page for updates. If you are currently subscribed to our newsletters, you’ll receive additional notifications regarding our workshops.
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    Practice Pointers for a South Carolina Personal Injury Practice
    South Carolina case law updates are constantly taking place. Fried Goldberg can give you the most up-to-date information.
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    Practice Pointers for a Georgia Personal Injury Practice
    With more than 100 years of combined experience practicing as personal injury attorneys, we have combined our knowledge into a series of practice pointers. We include references to Georgia statutes and case law in order to provide insights and helpful hints for less experienced attorneys.
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    Webinar Registration
    Each month, Fried Goldberg hosts a free online webinar for personal injury attorneys. Participants are encouraged to ask questions during the sessions. Past topics have included preparing for depositions and managing ethical issues in a personal injury case. You can sign up for the webinar by clicking the button below.
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    Archived Webinars & Workshops
    In our archives, you can access all previously recorded events including Breakfast Workshops, Personal Injury Webinars, Commercial Motor Vehicle Symposiums, and Trial or Litigation Skills Clinics.
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    Litigation Skills Clinic
    The Fried Goldberg Litigation Skills Clinic is designed for less experienced lawyers and paralegals. It provides a step-by-step guide on all aspects of pre-trial matters. It teaches lawyers and paralegals how to handle personal injury cases from the signup of the case through preparing for trial. You can sign up for the Litigation Skills Clinic by clicking here.
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    Commercial Motor Vehicle Law Symposium
    In this annual symposium, you can hear plaintiff’s lawyers discuss a variety of topics related to trucking litigation, including insights on how to handle specific types of commercial vehicle cases. The seminar is approved for 5.5 CLE hours. Click the button below for news about our next symposium.
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  • College Scholarships
    Scales of Justice Scholarship
    At Fried Goldberg LLC, we believe in helping our communities by supporting education. We know college can be expensive, so we created an annual scholarship to help students with college costs. Click here to learn more about entry guidelines.
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    Seminars and Speaking Engagements
    The lawyers at Fried Goldberg are frequent speakers at seminars across the country on issues involving trucking law. We enjoy sharing our experiences and practice pointers with other lawyers who are handling trucking cases. Whether you are handling your first trucking case or your hundredth, we invite you to attend one of our seminars.
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    Lawyer Portal
    In the Lawyer Portal, you’ll find deposition transcripts, video clips, court documents, forms, and information we’ve gathered over the past twenty years. If you’re a plaintiff’s attorney, you can access the portal here at no cost.
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  • Recent News Articles
    Recent News Articles
    Read news about our firm, specific truck accident cases, and issues involving trucking litigation. Check this page monthly for updates.
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By attending our seminars, attorneys gain practical knowledge, insights, and strategies that enhance their ability to handle trucking accident cases successfully. Our goal is to foster a community of knowledgeable attorneys who can provide the best representation to their clients in complex trucking accident litigation.

We also offer a free resource for plaintiff’s attorneys – Understanding Motor Carrier Claims. This book takes a closer look at the complexities of trucking litigation to help attorneys navigate the claims process.

You’ll also find other resources on our site, including information for law enforcement officers, and tips for personal injury lawyers. Our firm is also proud to offer a scholarship for high school students about to enter college.

Our firm is dedicated to helping victims of truck accidents recover compensation, holding negligent trucking companies accountable, and pushing for changes in the trucking industry to help make roads safer. We’re happy to share our knowledge with other attorneys who share those goals. If you are a plaintiff’s attorney interested in learning more about trucking litigation or would like to consult us on a specific case, we would love to hear from you. Contact us to speak to one of our truck accident lawyers.

Attorney Testimonials
Hear what other attorneys are saying about Fried Goldberg and our seminar/webinar offerings:

“The monthly FG Breakfast Meetings are a fantastic service and resource for Georgia litigation attorneys. It’s a great forum to share ideas and experiences so that we collectively can provide a better service to all our clients. Thank you for fostering camaraderie and unity within the Plaintiff’s bar.”

— E.D.

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