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If you were hurt in a truck accident, you may not be sure what to do next. You’ve been injured and medical expenses are adding up. The insurance company may have offered you a settlement, but you aren’t sure if you should take it. It’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible to understand your rights.

At Fried Goldberg LLC, our truck accident lawyers understand what you are going through. You are just looking for answers, but the last thing you need is another bill. That’s why we offer a free consultation. There’s no cost and no obligation. We just want you to have the information you need so you can decide what to do next.

What happens during a free consultation?

You’ll meet with one of our attorneys at a scheduled time. During the consultation, the attorney will:

  • listen to your account of the accident
  • ask you specific questions related to what happened
  • discuss potential liable parties
  • explain your legal options for recovering compensation
  • give you a general idea about types of damages you could recover
  • evaluate the strengths and challenges of your case
  • answer any questions you have
  • discuss legal representation if you decide to pursue the case

Keep in mind that this is just an initial consultation. Our legal team would have to investigate your accident in order to identify the negligent parties and determine the total damages you suffered.

What should you bring to your initial consultation?

When attending your first consultation with us, it helps if you can bring certain items and documents related to your claim. These will help us provide you with more accurate input about your legal rights and options.

We understand that you may be badly injured and in a difficult place after an accident. It might not always be possible for you to bring every bit of information. However, it is helpful if you can bring any of the following to your initial consultation:

  • Medical documents such as health care bills
  • Police and accident reports
  • Pay stubs (for lost wages)
  • Any photos or video of the accident
  • Any photos of your injury
  • Witness statements
  • Your written account of the incident and the events that led up to it

Don’t worry if you can’t locate or bring every item listed. It’s our job to prepare evidence for trial, not yours. As the trial approaches, there will be a “discovery” period, where our team gathers and prepares all materials for use in trial.

Questions to ask during the consultation

Another purpose of an initial consultation is for you to learn more about your attorney’s background and experience. Feel free to ask questions such as:

  • Where and when should I contact you about my case?
  • What is your track record for handling these types of claims?
  • What is your academic background and where did you get your law degree?
  • Do you have any specific experience handling lawsuits like mine?

The more questions you ask, the easier it will be for you to make an informed decision about your case.

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Every state has a statute of limitations that sets a deadline for taking legal action after a truck accident. In Georgia, that deadline is two years from the date of the accident. While that sounds like you have plenty of time, waiting too long to get legal advice can work against you. Important evidence can be lost or destroyed if you wait too long, and it can take months to build a strong case.

Don’t wait. We’re ready to meet with you to talk about what happened. Contact us to schedule your free consultation with one of our truck accident lawyers, at a time that’s convenient for you.

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