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We Have a Vision to Drive Change

Our goal is to bring families home safely

When we take on trucking accident cases, we look beyond the individual case and try to learn how we can make changes that make our roads safer.

At Fried Goldberg LLC, we use our skills and experience in trucking litigation to bring meaningful change to the industry and help save lives.

Since our founding, our firm has handled hundreds of truck accident cases. We’ve learned a lot about the trucking industry and what can happen when companies and drivers don’t follow proven safety measures. People are seriously injured or die in collisions. Families are never the same, and lives are shattered.

We believe we can help change things for the better through our work as plaintiff’s attorneys. Every trucking accident case we handle offers insights into making roads safer for all. Our work is about more than resolving cases—it’s about fighting to ensure that everyone on the road returns home safely.

In fact, we are routinely called upon by the trucking industry to speak at industry events about how to prevent accidents. We share our knowledge with the trucking industry because our goal is to reduce accidents and make the roads safer. If there is never another truck accident, we all win.

“We know that every case we handle is an opportunity to ignite change that will make roadways safer.”
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Forcing changes in the trucking industry

In many cases, people are hurt in collisions because trucking companies wouldn’t make changes that could have helped prevent an accident. That’s why demanding these safety changes as part of a settlement agreement with a trucking company can be an effective strategy to improve road safety.

At Fried Goldberg, we keep a close eye on truck accident statistics nationwide. We are fully aware of the safety statistics for top trucking companies. We know what needs to be done.

Our firm has negotiated settlements that include agreements to add cameras in truck cabs, improve training for drivers, and make other needed changes. This proactive approach holds the company accountable for its actions and can help prevent future accidents. Our attorneys will continue to seek opportunities to compel companies to address safety issues and protect other road users.

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“Few lawyers with their experience, insight, and knowledge are as willing to share; even less are willing to dedicate the immense energy, effort, and resources to do it. But not Joe and Michael. Selfless through and through. Their content has elevated my practice and, in turn, made positive impacts on my own client’s cases.” – Jordan R.

Verdicts and Settlements

A substantial settlement or verdict against a trucking company can help victims get needed medical treatment and give them the financial security they need if they are unable to continue working. But these verdicts and settlements can also be a powerful catalyst for safety changes within the industry.

When a trucking company is held liable for negligence or unsafe practices, the financial repercussions are forced to help improve safety. To avoid future costly legal consequences, trucking companies may implement safety measures such as improved hiring practices and training, stricter adherence to regulations, and more frequent maintenance of the trucks in their fleet.

Public awareness of these cases can also pressure other companies to prioritize safety, leading to their own improvements.

Every Case We Handle Is Part Of The Bigger Picture
Every Case We Handle Is Part Of The Bigger Picture

Our firm also advocates for changes within the trucking industry that promote road safety. We work tirelessly to highlight issues such as driver fatigue, inadequate training, safety equipment, and minimum insurance requirements. We push for stricter regulations and enhanced safety protocols. When the trucking industry makes positive changes, it can help prevent future accidents and protect all road users.

If you were hurt in an accident, or are a lawyer handling a truck accident case, contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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