6 Types of Truck Accidents

Though every accident is unique, truck accident cases fall into 6 certain types. Of these types, one is almost always fatal. Two are commonly caused by fatigue. The Truck Accident Attorneys have experience in dealing with all of these types of cases.

The most common type of trucking case involves a tractor-trailer that rear ends another vehicle. It is not unusual to find through a review of the driver logs in these cases that the driver has worked more hours than allowable by law and that he fell asleep at the wheel or was driving while fatigued. Other things we look for in these cases are the possibility that the truck was overweight or that the vehicle — particularly the vehicle’s brakes — were improperly maintained.

Improper maneuvers are often another sign of truck driver fatigue and a category of trucking cases. Improper lane changes, failure to stay in a single lane and failure to obey traffic signals are the causes of many trucking accidents.

Other Causes

Underrides occur when the tractor-trailer makes a turn or maneuver that causes it to block the roadway and an unsuspecting driver of a passenger vehicle winds up driving underneath the truck. These accidents are almost always fatal, and such cases involve examining the weather and lighting conditions at the time of the accident, as well as the truck driver’s use of lights, reflectors and reflector tape in accordance with trucking law.

Left-turn accidents happen when a truck driver does not allow himself enough time to complete the turn without an approaching passenger vehicle having to slow or stop. Often distracted driving or being in a hurry is the cause of such accidents.

Trucks that are stopped on the side of the roadway and are unseen by an oncoming vehicle until it is too late to stop are another frequent cause of trucking accidents. Additionally, cargo shifts within the truck can cause a truck to jackknife and overturn, resulting in an accident.

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