Advanced Driving Courses for Young Drivers Help Secure Safer Roads

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It probably wouldn’t come as a great surprise if I told you teen drivers are more likely to be involved in an automobile accident than any other age group. But did you know drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are three times more likely to get into an accident than anyone else on the road? It’s a staggering statistic.

Here at Fried, Rogers, Goldberg, LLC, we specialize in trucking accidents, but are passionate about keeping everyone safe on the road. That’s why we believe it’s important for teenagers to be better educated on advanced driving techniques. If people under 20 took advanced driving classes, there would be significantly less automobile accidents. Don’t just take it from us – the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention says so as well:

“Teenagers’ lack of driving experience, together with risk-taking behavior, puts them at heightened risk for crashes. …Research suggests that most comprehensive graduated driver licensing programs are associated with reductions of 38% and 40% in fatal and injury crashes, respectively. ”

The state of Georgia has several excellent advanced driving programs that we recommend. But before we get to that, let’s take a deeper look at some of the facts and dangers associated with teenage driving.

Sobering Statistics

From the CDC’s most recent report on teenage driving, updated in 2014:

  • In 2011, 2,650 teens between 16 and 19 died in the United States from automobile accidents.
  • Think of it this way: Seven teens died each day in accidents.
  • Another 292,000 teens were admitted to emergency rooms in 2011 from injuries suffered during automobile crashes.
  • Drivers between the ages of 15 and 24 represent 24 percent of the population. Yet that age group accounts for 30 percent of all accident costs among men ($19 billion) and 28 percent among women ($7 billion).
  • The highest risk for accidents among teenagers is the first month after they receive their licenses.

What Are the Dangers?

There are many factors that lead to accidents involving teenage drivers, however, the following causes are the most pervasive:

– Driver inexperience

– Driving with other teenage passengers

– Nighttime driving

– No seat belt use

– Distracted driving

– Drowsy driving

– Reckless driving

– Impaired driving

Advanced Driving Classes

So now you know the facts about car accidents involving teenagers as well as why they occur. Here are some programs we at Fried, Rogers, Goldberg, LLC recommend young drivers attend to better their driving skills and be safer when behind the wheel.

  • TVOC is a driving safety program designed by police academy instructors. Their advanced driving classes are eight hours long and focus not just on what teenage drivers can do, but parents as well. According to their website, teenagers often inherit poor, dangerous driving habits from their parents who are unaware they are passing down these harmful trends. TVOC’s training course is the only one endorsed by the State of Georgia Insurance Commissioner and has been recognized by several local courts and the Alpharetta Mayor’s Office. Classes are offered in Augusta, Savannah, Braselton, Rome, Newman and at North Forsyth High School, Pace Academy and Chattahoochee High School. For more information, Click here.
  • The Richard Petty Driving Experience offers Petty Safe Driving. Their program focuses on both the mental and physical skills needed to drive safely. Students are put in hazardous driving situations in a safe environment and get instant feedback from experienced instructors. Petty Safe Driving classes feature classroom and behind-the-wheel training, focusing on target high-risk driving situations like peer pressure, distracted driving and drinking and driving. Programs are offered at the Atlanta Sports Motor Speedway in Hampton, Ga. Check out their schedule here.
  • The JDT Crash Avoidance Course is just six hours long and focuses on techniques drivers can use to prevent accidents. Those techniques include precision steering, braking and maneuvering the vehicle through tough hazards. At just $35, the course is affordable and will likely reduce the cost of your insurance. Visit their website for more information or to sign up for a class.
  • The AA Academy of Action driving classes features several different options for teenage drivers to learn how to be safer behind the wheel. Based in Atlanta, classes range from two to eight hours. The classes focus on making drivers more comfortable on the road, more aware and more confident in hazardous driving conditions. Classes are $65 per hour. Check out AA’s website to read more.
  • Kennesaw Driving School offers a nearly identical class structure to AA’s. They have locations in Keenesaw and Canton. See their website for more information.
  • Put on the Brakes is a five-part class featuring interesting behind-the-wheel instruction. Students will weave through a slalom exercise in accident avoidance. Drop-wheel training will teach students how to successfully handle a drop-wheel situation and get back on the road. Put on the Brakes’ class also features a distraction driving exercise, panic stop training and a car control and recovery course that will have the driver skidding through controlled wet spots to better prepare for driving in heavy rains or flooding. Click on Put on the Brakes’ website for more info and to sign up.
  • Atlanta Motorsports Park offers its own safe driving class. The course focuses on braking, vision and other driving basics as well as driver courtesy and weight transfer. Classes are offered frequently. Check out their website to sign up.

With all these advanced driving course options available to you, it’s easy to find one that best suits your needs. We at Fried, Rogers, Goldberg, LLC, strongly encourage you to sign yourself or your teenage driver up for a class. The cost and time it will take is well worth the investment to keep Georgia’s roads that much safer. Sign up today, and don’t let your teenage driver become another statistic.
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