Coping with a Serious Neck or Back Injury after a Truck Accident

Coping with a Serious Neck or Back Injury after a Truck Accident

Most accidents happen quickly and without much warning. While inclement weather and poor road conditions are common causes of crashes, more often driver negligence leads to wrecks. When an inattentive driver is operating a large truck, bus or commercial vehicle, the consequences of the truck accident can be devastating.

Back and Neck Injuries in Truck Accidents

At Fried Goldberg, we understand that any type of automobile wreck can be damaging and life-changing. But because of the sheer size of semi-trucks, trucking accidents tend to be the most dangerous.

The most common injuries sustained from a trucking accident involve damage to the neck, head and back and greatly affect the victim’s quality of life. Following an accident, you should seek medical attention immediately, even if you don’t feel like you have been injured. Neck and back injuries can worsen over time, so it’s best to diagnose and treat them as quickly as possible.

Signs You May Have a Serious Neck or Back Injury

Neck and back damage are two of the most serious injuries typically sustained in a trucking accident. Still, it’s not always easy to determine if you’ve been hurt after an accident. Often a victim may walk away from a crash feeling completely unscathed, only to realize a few days later that a serious injury occurred. In fact, it may take as long as six weeks for symptoms to surface after a wreck. Therefore, one should always seek medical attention and be aware of signs and symptoms that could help determine a serious neck or back injury.

Symptoms of serious neck or back injuries can include:

  • Notable pain and swelling
  • Limited mobility
  • Inability to sleep
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Lack of hand coordination
  • Difficulty walking or keeping balance
  • Restricted neck movement
  • Serious pain when walking
  • Serious pain from a slight touch or movement
  • No sign of improvement over time
  • Worsening or intolerable pain

Dealing with Chronic Back or Neck Pain after a Truck Accident?

After you’ve seen a doctor, it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced truck accident attorney. A monetary settlement can help with medical bills, lost wages due to the injury and pain or suffering you’ve had to endure from someone else’s negligence.

If you have suffered a neck or back injury after a trucking accident, our skilled team is here to help and only a phone call away. Contact Fried Goldberg at 877-591-1801 to get a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. We’ll help you get your life back on track.

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