DHL Truck Accident in Detroit Michigan Injures Two Children

DETROIT, MI – Two children were injured in a collision between a DHL delivery truck and a Chevrolet Cavalier in Detroit, Michigan on August 28, 2010. The accident occurred at the intersection of Seven Mile Road and Chrysler Expressway, the service road that runs adjacent to Interstate 75 on the east side.

The accident occurred between a DHL delivery truck that was moving eastbound on Seven Mile Road and a Cavalier that was moving northbound on Chrysler Expressway.

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Police believed that the Cavalier ran a red light when it hit the truck.

A mother and her two daughters were in the delivery truck. The two daughters were in the back of the truck at the time. The Cavalier was being driven by a woman with her baby in the back seat.

The mother of the two daughters told police that she was not the driver of the delivery truck and that a friend was driving at the time. She said that the friend fled the scene after the accident. However, police say that it was the mother of two children who was driving the truck at the time.

Witnesses who saw the accident said that they only saw the mother and the two daughters that were in the truck and no one else. It appears there is some disagreement as to who was driving the truck at the time. Although the mother said she wasn’t driving, police don’t know if that was the case.

Police also said that the two daughters that were in the back of the delivery truck were not properly seated. One of the two girls was 8 years old and the other was 17. They incurred minor injuries and were taken to nearby Children’s Hospital for treatment.

The accident remains under investigation by Detroit Police.

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