Distracted Driving: The Myth Behind Multitasking

man texting while driving

Did you know that April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month?

Distracted driving comes in a variety of forms, and usually happens when a driver attempts to “multitask” while operating a car. Texting while driving is by far one of the most common examples of this. While this isn’t new or shocking information, you may be surprised to discover the statistics surrounding this epidemic. For example, according to DistractedDrivingAccidents.com:

  • 1 out 4 accidents in the United States is caused from texting while driving
  • About 421,000 people are injured each year due to crashes involving a distracted driver
  • 64% of all road accidents in the United States involve a cell phone

Now, factor a large truck or commercial vehicle into the collision.

It’s true that any type of crash has the potential to be traumatic. But those involving bigger vehicles like big rig trucks, buses or commercial vehicles are almost always severe due to the sheer size and weight of those types of vehicles.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that in 2015, 3,852 people died in large truck crashes.

While you can’t control another driver’s actions, you can prepare yourself potential problems and learn how to avoid them. Distracted Driving Awareness month is the perfect time to do just that.

Common Distractions for Truck Drivers

Like all other drivers, big rig truck drivers can easily become distracted, too. Unfortunately, no one is immune to bad habits, such as trying to “multitask” while driving. Some common distractions include:

  • Texting while driving
  • Eating/drinking while driving
  • Exhaustion
  • Map navigation
  • Reaching for an item (i.e. coffee)

Though each examples listed above is dangerous and potentially deadly, texting while driving yields some of the most devastating results. DistractedDrivingAccidents.com revealed that 78 percent of all distracted drivers are distracted by their cell phones.

You can’t stop a truck driver – or anyone else on the road – from using their cell phone while driving, or keep them from dozing off while operating 40 tons of steel at 65 mph. Yet, you can be proactive about your own behavior behind the wheel.

If you see a commercial vehicle, bus or large truck driver driving erratically, pull over until they pass far enough ahead of you to avoid them on the road. Don’t risk your safety. Instead, put your vehicle into park and call 9-1-1. By alerting the authorities of a dangerous truck driver on the road, you could help prevent a collision.

Risks and Penalties of Distracted Driving

Driving while distracted comes with high risks, from a fine to life-altering injuries or death. You might think that truck, bus and commercial vehicle drivers have a greater responsibility to focus on the road since their vehicles can cause significantly more damage than cars, but this is not always the case. The mere penalties for truck and commercial vehicle drivers for unruly driving are serious, including costly fines, license suspension and in some instances, disqualification for operating a large truck or commercial vehicle.

When truck drivers allow themselves to become distracted while driving, the consequences can be fatal.  Unfortunately, this fact still doesn’t keep accidents of this kind from happening. Be mindful of what’s happening on the road around you, and do your part to ensure safety for all.

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