Driver Alert: Self-Driving Cars Hit the Road

closeup of a car driving down a road

Technology that once only found a place in futuristic movies has now become a reality. The momentum surrounding self-driving cars has increased over recent years, and drivers in Northern California may have already witnessed Google’s automotive project on the road.

Unlike drivers, the car does not tire, become impatient, distracted or defensive when driving. Will this mean fewer traffic accidents in the future?

Chris Urmson, the director of Google’s self-driving car project, said, “We’ve improved our software so it can detect hundreds of distinct objects simultaneously — pedestrians, buses, a stop sign held by a crossing guard or a cyclist making gestures that indicate a possible turn.”

Self-Driving Cars Call Safety Issues into Question

Safety on the road is on the forefront of discussion surrounding self-driving cars. Various sources claim that these “robot cars” are safer drivers than humans. One study showed that the self-driving cars’ software was superior when maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. Data also showed that the project cars are safer and smoother when steering themselves than when a human is behind the wheel.

Nevada, California and Florida are the only states who have approved testing of self-driving cars. When it comes to detecting the cause of accidents, Ursom said that the autonomous cars will collect data that will provide an accurate picture of the incident and who is responsible.

Is America Ready?

Whether America is ready for such groundbreaking technology or not, KPMG reports that GM has plans to put semi-autonomous vehicles on the road by 2020, and Nissan has announced it intends to have multiple autonomous vehicles by the end of the decade. KPMG conducted focus groups of 32 participants to analyze how self-driving cars might impact way of life.

The research resulted in three key insights necessary for success:

  • Focus on improving consumers’ quality of life
  • Preparation for a radically different automotive ecosystem
  • Expectation of new threats and opportunities for mobile and demand services

Advanced safety features will be linked to larger automotive systems that will allow car to drive themselves. According to Consumer Reports, these benefits could be significant for the future of safety on the road. Self-driving vehicles could help:

  • Reduce crashes due to human error
  • Ease traffic congestion
  • Extend the time of a person’s driving years
  • Allow those who are physically or visually impaired to have greater mobility

An Attorney’s Viewpoint

As technology and traffic safety regulations change over time, the Truck Accident Attorneys at Fried Goldberg LLC remains on the forefront of these advancements and how they will affect the trucking industry and everyone else on the road. We dedicate the majority of our practice to litigating truck accident cases across the country and helping victims seek the justice they deserve.

If you have been injured in a trucking accident and seek legal counsel, contact the truck Accident Attorneys today.

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