Georgia Firefighters Injured in Accident Involving Tractor-trailers

Red fire truck with sirens on speeding through roadway

Accident Facts

The first of three related accidents in the eastbound lanes of I-16 occurred on Wednesday between a tractor-trailer and a Toyota. Within minutes, that wreck led to another between a charter bus and a Ford Explorer. Then, as the Macon-Bibb fire department prepared to leave the scene of the first two accidents, two semi trucks collided, sending one of them careening into the fire truck.

A total of three semi trucks, a charter bus, two passenger vehicles and a fire truck were involved, and miraculously only three fire fighters and one Savannah man were injured. It is rare for so few injuries and zero fatalities to result from accidents involving multiple colossal vehicles.

The three firefighters – Keith Carter, age 33; Marcus Lamb, 42; David Mahone, 31 – were outside their truck at the time of the crash and were taken to the Medical Center of Central Georgia for treatment, along with the injured truck driver, Antonio Jenkins, 54. We wish them a speedy recovery.

Comments from The Trucking Attorneys

The crashes remain under investigation, but it is likely that one or both of the semi truck drivers caused the final accident in which the three firefighters were injured. All drivers should give emergency workers the space and respect they deserve while they are responding to accidents. As professional drivers of dangerous vehicles, it is especially imperative that truckers recognize their added responsibility of safely evading the scene of an accident.  

Truck and bus drivers are professionally trained to take precautions to prevent and avoid accidents, such as maintaining a safe following distance. They are also taught how to respond immediately and effectively to emergency situations, such as an accident. With extensive training and their daily on-the-road experience, truckers should be adept at safely navigating the scene of accidents. If they do not, they should be held responsible for the injuries, damages and/or deaths that may result.

What Do You Think?

Do you feel other drivers know how to clear the way for emergency vehicles? Do you believe there should be steeper punishment for a driver whose negligent driving causes an accident with an emergency response vehicle?

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