How is CSA Making the Roads Safer?

tractor trailer driving down highway

What is CSA?

Since the 1970s, the number of crashes involving commercial trucks have dropped significantly. However, in recent years the rates have leveled off.

In response, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) launched an initiative called CSA, which stands for Compliance, Safety, Accountability in December 2010. CSA was designed to improve large truck safety thereby reducing crashes and the injuries and fatalities resulting from such.

What does CSA do?

CSA seeks to incorporate many important features into a nationwide system that strives to make the roads safer for commercial vehicles and the public. Attributes of the plan range from utilizing new resources, such as technology and data, to improving the use of current staffing resources.

CSA should help officials and members of FMCSA identify actual causes of problems and alleviate them at the root, instead of only dealing with the symptoms of the problem.

CSA will discover and react to problems with a three-step procedure of measurement, evaluation and intervention. By utilizing data and other measurements of the safety performance of the motor carriers industry, the FMSCA will be able to identify specific problems with certain carriers. Evaluation of this behavior will allow FMCSA to determine an individual intervention plan to deal with that specific issue.

Safety Measurement System

The new CSA regulations determined a new course for the Safety Measurement System (SMS). Instead of continuing with four categories, SMS was expanded to seven:

By setting regulation and inspected to be sure regulation is followed in each of these seven categories, the FMCSA hopes to decrease the danger of commercial trucking for truckers and passenger vehicle occupants alike.

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