Joe Fried included in 2012 edition of The Best Lawyers in America®

truck accident lawyer in atlanta

Joe Fried is not your typical plaintiff trial attorney. He is best known for getting big-dollar results in truck accident cases across the country, but what really differentiates him is his unique approach and style.
“Most lawyers focus on facts and law, but cases are really more about people, stories, relationships, and credibility,” Fried says. “My job is to find the compelling human story in a case and present it in the most credible way possible.” He adds, “This way, cases become about a community as much as they are about any particular plaintiff.”

Joe Fried is a former police officer and judge with a diverse background in physics, engineering, and accident reconstruction as well psychodrama, neurolinguistics, and story-telling. While understanding the technical aspects of cases is important, the key to winning, Fried emphasizes, is: “understanding what makes people tick.”

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