North Carolina Mental Health Director Killed by Logging Truck

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Trucker convicted in death of Steven Jordan.

Accident Facts

Steven Laverne Jordan, mental health director for North Carolina, was killed in an accident on July 4th.

Charges have been pressed against Clifton Ellis Jr., driver of the logging truck that struck Jordan as he biked north on Louisburg Road. Both the logging truck and the cyclist were traveling the same direction; Ellis says he tried to safely pass Jordan but could not move over enough because other vehicles were in the center lane. The logging truck, which was traveling well below the posted speed, struck Jordan and sent him flying more than 50 feet.

Since 2010, Jordan had been the director of North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services.

Ellis faces charges of misdemeanor death by vehicle and failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision.

Comments from The Trucking Attorneys

Truck drivers are required to reduce their speed for hazards in the roadway.Because truck driver Clifton Ellis Jr. was reportedly going only 35 mph in a 50 mph zone, he should have been able to stop or evade Jordan as he cycled next to the road. Professional truck drivers must be aware of their surroundings and must always give the right away to smaller vehicles in order to avoid an accident. Accidents involving a truck and a cyclist or pedestrian are almost always fatal.

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