Fatal Accident Involving Truck Company with History of Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Truck Mechanic Working on Maintance

Accident Facts

Flying debris from a tractor-trailer’s transmission took an eight-year-old boy’s life and permanently injured his mother, according to WGLC-TV. The Georgia State Patrol report that the Chevrolet Trailblazer, in which Cameron Mcilwain was traveling with his mother, Jameka Nicole Malone, and his infant sister, Kanary Malone, was heading westbound I-20 near downtown Atlanta.

Authorities says that the transmission broken on a truck owned by CW Transport, sending pieces of it flying over the median, where they struck the Trailblazer. Jameka was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital where her arm was amputated below the elbow, and Kanary was treated for minor cuts from glass shards. Cameron died upon being hit by the debris.

No injuries were reported for the tractor-trailer driver, 52-year-old David Washington of Atlanta.

Comments from The Trucking Attorneys

Accident such as this one are nearly always preventable. Trucking companies are required to perform regular maintenance on their vehicles to ensure their utmost safety.There were likely many signs that this tractor-trailer needed repairs, but these warnings were evidently ignored. Because of the many miles they travel and the heavy cargo they carry, semi trucks must be inspected before every trip by the truck driver and also frequently and thoroughly by the trucking carrier.

CW Transport, owner of the tractor-trailer that caused Cameron Mcilwain’s death, has a history of poor maintenance of its vehicles, according to CBS AtlantaCW is in the bottom five percent for safety ratings recorded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and has been cited for safety violations such as:

  • Missing or defective axle parts
  • Loose or missing wheel fasteners
  • Failure to secure brake hoses or tubing against mechanical damage

Additionally, CW truckers rank worse than 67.5% of professional drivers, among similar sized companies. These facts paint a picture of CW as a dangerous and negligent trucking company.

Unfortunately these types of companies are more common than most people think, meaning that the trucks we share our roadways with are often ticking time bombs for breakdowns or worse. This negligence must be fought – both by legislative action and by victims of the accidents and their attorneys – and trucking companies must be held responsible for the harm they cause.

CW Transport was not available for comment.

What Do You Think?

What do you think the penalties should be for trucking carriers that knowingly fail to maintain their vehicles properly? How would you propose that truck fleet owners be held responsible for ensuring the safety of their vehicles?

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