6 Tips for Preventing Serious Slip & Fall Injuries

fall injuries

It’s a mishap that can happen to anyone and often does. As the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries, slip and fall accidents are a legitimate concern for people of all ages. When falls can’t be prevented, it is still possible to mitigate injuries by knowing “how” to fall.

Breaking Your Fall Without Breaking Your Body

Breaking Your Fall Without Breaking Your Body
Breaking Your Fall Without Breaking Your Body

Most people simply react during a fall since it happens so suddenly. Children tend to extend their arms and elbows, which often results in broken arms or wrists, while adults’ reaction times are slower and the falling impact greater. Fractures and broken hips are common injuries among older adults with concussions, broken wrists and sprained ankles affecting many younger adults.

Professionals Who Fall & Avoid Injury

You may not be able to prevent a fall, but you can help prevent serious injuries simply by learning a few techniques about breaking your fall from a professional. In dangerous lines of activity or profession, proper falling techniques are taught and used:

U.S. Military Servicemen & Paratroopers

When a soldier is parachuting or doing a static line jump, instructors drill soldiers on the Parachute Landing Fall. When executed correctly, this technique allows a soldier to survive uninjured during intense speeds that may otherwise have resulted in injury or death.

Martial artists

Falling techniques are used by a wide variety of martial arts, such as Judo, Aikido, Hapkido and Krav Maga. These techniques should be practiced by beginners on their knees first before attempting a standing fall.


Stuntmen are trained falling professionals, so it is crucial for them to fall without injury. Many techniques employed by stuntmen are the same as those used in martial arts.

Parkour Runners

In this popular urban sport, safe landing is a common practice as there is a high risk of injury from landing incorrectly.

These Tips Could Break Your Fall

The following techniques could help prevent broken bones or even catastrophic injuries:

  1. Protect your head: Protect your head to avoid the gravest injuries. Tuck in your chin, and use your arms to protect your head as you fall. If falling face first, turn your head to the side.
  2. Turn as you fall: If you are falling straight forward or backward, turn your body to land on your side. This reduces the chance of injury from high distances.
  3. Keep arms and legs bent: Landing with arms straight out will absorb the full force of your fall. Keep arms and legs slightly bent while you fall.
  4. Stay loose: Tensing up during a fall increases your chance of injury. Breathe as you fall to relax your body.
  5. Roll out of the impact: If you are able to fall into a roll or somersault, your body won’t absorb the impact. Practice falling and rolling at the gym or on a padded mat.
  6. Spread out the force of the fall: Falling on a single point of your body causes the most damage. Spread out the impact to reduce injury.

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