Semi Truck Overturns on South Carolina Highway

A line of parked semi trucks

CLOVER, SC – A semi trailer truck overturned Friday afternoon, Aug 13, on a highway in York County, South Carolina. The rollover truck accident happened at the juncture of South Carolina State Highways 55 and 557 just east of the city of Clover, SC. The accident area is in the far north central section of the state near the border with North Carolina, about 28 miles southwest of Charlotte, NC and about 177 miles northeast of Athens, Georgia.

Shortly after 1:00 p.m. Friday afternoon an unidentified truck driver was driving a semi trailer truck north on SC State Highway 55 in York County, SC. The trailer truck had just picked up a cargo of yarn at a nearby yarn plant and was on its way to deliver the load in Miami, Florida. The semi truck is owned by Starr Trucking based in Miami, FL.

When the driver reached the intersection of SC State Highways 55 and 557 just east of Clover, it appears that he attempted to make a right turn onto northbound SC 557. The driver apparently lost control of his rig as he made the turn and the semi tractor truck flipped over onto its passenger side. The 18 wheeler came crashing down on at least one traffic stop sign.

No other persons or vehicles were involved in the truck accident.

The driver was apparently able to crawl out of the cab of his semi after the rollover truck accident. He was checked out by local emergency personnel and fortunately was not injured when the trailer truck flipped over.

The trailer on the truck remained intact after the truck accident and no cargo spilled out onto the highway. There were also no reports of diesel fuel leaking from any of the fuel tanks.

The Clover Police Department and officers with the SC Highway Patrol responded to the scene of the rollover truck accident and cordoned off an area at the intersection around the flipped semi trailer. A tow truck and crew were brought to the site to hoist the trailer truck back up on its wheels. The task would take about two hours. The lanes were cleared and reopened to traffic at about 3:00 p.m. Friday afternoon.


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Investigators with the South Carolina State Transport Police also responded to the truck accident and conducted a full inspection of the trailer truck. They did not find any mechanical problems or violations on the semi trailer truck.

Authorities have not issued a statement on the cause of the truck accident. The driver may have cut the corner too sharply when he was turning, the load may have shifted, or he may have been going too fast. According to a Captain with the Clover Police Department the driver was not found to be at fault and no charges were brought against him.

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