In Truck Accident Lawsuits, Pictures Are Everything

In Truck Accident Lawsuits

It’s an unfortunate, yet inevitable fact: Car accidents happen every single day. You could be the most cautious driver on the road, constantly aware of your own speed and taking care to use safe driving habits, yet one day you will find yourself involved in a car crash due to another motorist’s carelessness.

A wreck can be even worse or more severe when a commercial truck is involved. Considering the weight, velocity and overall size of these kinds of bigger vehicles, a big rig accident can be terrifying. And because truck accidents may be traumatizing and overwhelming, it is imperative to take as many pictures of the collision as possible if you are involved in a trucking accident.

Photographs are one of the most effective type of evidence to help you prove your claim or case.

Document Auto Accidents
A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Why are Photographs Important?

Regarding any vehicular accident, photographs can be an invaluable piece of evidence, as they often reveal information about the driver, as well as the wreck — information that may not be present in a police report. You’ve undoubtedly heard the popular saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Because many attorneys aren’t able to inspect the truck after a crash, these pictures may offer evidence that can lead to a stronger legal claim for an accident and/or personal injury case.

Photographs (and videos) can help depict what a witness forgot or didn’t even see at the time of the accident, simultaneously eliminating doubt and assigning liability. These images can be captured from dashcam videos, store cameras and cell phones.

Capture the Details

Not only is it important to take photographs of the accident, but it’s also vital to take quality photographs, ones that capture the details. After all, if your images aren’t effective, then they most likely won’t be of any value.

Following an accident, and after you’ve called 911, start taking photographs of the scene. If possible, use your camera’s time stamp function, as specific details can be the most helpful. Remember to move quickly, as the police will soon arrive and start clearing the scene. Follow these simple tips and take as many pictures as you can;  the more images you collect, the greater the chance of catching those minor details. Aside from taking pictures of the point of impact of the car collision, other areas you should focus on include:

  • Damaged objects (street signs, guardrails, landscape)
  • Vehicle destruction (both or all vehicles involved in the accident)
  • Skid marks (length and breadth)
  • Participants (those directly affected, witnesses, police officers, EMTS)
  • All injuries (no matter how minor)

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