Tennessee Family Hires FG After School Bus Accident

school bus accident

On November 22nd, school bus driver Johnthony Walker was speeding with 35 children on board – not a single child was wearing a seat belt. On the chilly morning, Walker lost control of the bus, leading to a collision with a tree. The bus then rolled over into a lamp post. The children ranged in age from kindergarten to 5th grade, and the accident resulted in the tragic loss of six children’s lives, as well as many severe injuries.

Firm partner Michael Goldberg stated, “Details are surfacing, which show the number of red flags the school bus operator, Durham School Services, was either aware of, or chose to ignore. The school bus driver’s record includes previous violations, including accidents and erratic behavior. The school bus driver should not have been on the road. Period.”

Bus-related accidents are an area of law the firm has placed an emphasis on for years, as for-profit companies all have an agenda to reduce costs and maximize profits.

The firm is representing the family of a young boy who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the accident.

Mr. Goldberg will not comment further on the injuries of the child or details of the case, as a lawsuit is pending, and the family’s privacy remains a priority.

“Right now, the family is still reeling from the effects of the accident. Meanwhile, our firm is aggressively investigating the accident to preserve evidence, and learn more about Durham School Services and the purported ‘1 million’ children they take to school each day, as represented on the company’s website,” Goldberg said.

Parents and guardians of children involved in the accident should consider seeking legal advice.

He continued, “Filing a lawsuit is important to the public, as it allows us the ability to learn what really happened, why it happened and change the laws to improve safety standards. Filing a lawsuit is important to the family, as there is likely a limit on insurance to pay for injuries, or in some cases, lifelong care. Positioning the family’s case is top priority. Of course, if you want to call us to talk about how we can help, we are familiar with the matter and can answer questions. Above all, we recommend you do seek competent legal counsel, whether it is from our firm or another. It is imperative to not only understand what you may be up against, but to also protect your family’s rights.”

If you or someone you know have questions related to school bus accidents, or wish to receive a no-cost consultation, you can reach our firm at 877-591-1801.

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