Top 10 Georgia Counties Reporting the Highest Number of Traffic Fatalities 

rows of vehicles stuck in traffic on highway

The most recent statistics from Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety report a total of 1,192 collisions in 2012, 153 which involved a large truck. Over 5,000 injuries have been reported as a result of these motor vehicle accidents year after year, some which result in fatalities.
Which Georgia counties are responsible for the highest number of traffic deaths each year? For the curious, here they are:

10. Bibb
9. Chatham
8. Carroll
7. Hall
6. Clayton
5. Richmond
4. Cobb
3. Gwinnett
2. DeKalb
1. Fulton

As you probably noticed, many of these counties are in the Atlanta area.

Fulton County Tops the List Due to Increased Congestion and Crashes Along I-285

Fulton County residents have been concerned about the number of traffic accidents and dangers associated with Interstate 285 for years. Fox 5 Atlanta recently updated its report covering the local advocacy of the Citizens for Better Roads in south Fulton County, who say that their area of town has been neglected by the Georgia Department of Transportation for too long.

Major potholes and road bumps have led to increased traffic and collisions. The group wishes to see better roads and improved maintenance to increase their neighborhood safety. Highway work has begun improvements by paving I-285 through south Fulton County.

City data from 2011 reveal fatalities involving car crashes on or around I-285. The statistics:

  • 59 total vehicles involved in fatal accidents
  • 39 total fatalities
  • 83 people involved in fatal accidents
  • 14 pedestrians involved in fatal accidents

Citizens for Better Roads has now begun to focus on additional road hazards, including the industrial growth in the county, which has led to tractor trailers operating on residential streets. One of the members of the advocate group said this increase has led to road deterioration dangers and violation of traffic signs through low-speed areas by large trucks.

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