The Truck Accident Attorneys Roundtable: A New Kind of Law Firm

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I am very excited to be a founding member of the Truck Accident Attorneys Roundtable.  The Roundtable is a new kind of law firm – designed to bring together the most experienced and well respected truck accident lawyers from around the Country to maximize results in truck accident cases and at the same time to increase highway safety.  Nothing like this has ever been put together before now.  It has been a long time in the planning – and it is finally under way!

The Roundtable was born out of the lamenting of three national truck accident lawyers, myself (Joe Fried), Steve Gursten and Michael Leizerman, who quite frankly were tired of seeing truck accident cases misunderstood, mishandled and undervalued.  We were tired of seeing major truck accident cases fall into the hands of inexperienced attorneys who happen to have great marketing campaigns.  When a serious truck accident case is not handled at the highest levels, not only does the victim in that case suffer, but that result makes every victim’s case harder and, in the end, highway safety as a whole suffers.

But, how is a victim to know who the best lawyers are hire for a truck accident case?

The Internet is full of lawyers and firms claiming special expertise in handling truck accident cases.  There are billboards all over the Country touting special truck accident lawyers.  You would be surprised to learn that many of these firms, even ones with specialized truck accident websites and blogs and billboards, have never tried a single truck accident case and have never even handled a single multi-million dollar catastrophic truck accident case from start to finish.  There are many others firms that have handled one or two truck accident cases and now claim mastery of the field.  The truth is that very few lawyers in the entire country really truly have a lot of specialized experience with these very unique cases.  The sad truth is that until the Truck Accident Attorneys Roundtable began, it was hard for victims and even referring lawyers to know whether they were hiring the real deal or not.

So the three founders, Joe Fried, Steve Gursten and Michael Leizerman, started to brainstorm.  Who are these founding lawyers and are they the real deal?  Well, together, the founders have handled over 600 truck accident cases in over 20 states, have written several books on the subject, have a number of record truck accident case results, and have been invited by lawyer groups to make literally hundreds of presentations on various aspects of truck accident litigation.

The brainstorming was supposed to be about how the three of us could work together.  The vision that grew out of the sessions was much bigger.  What if we could pull the best truck accident lawyers from across the Country together.  What if we could create a firm with all that experience, all that specialized knowledge, all that talent, all of that geographic diversity – all aimed at getting the best possible results for victims.  Together we could change the industry.  Together we could raise the bar.

So, the next steps were to identify the best truck accident lawyers and then to figure out how to get them all to work together.  So we sat down and started to make a list of the best lawyers we knew for truck accident cases around the USA.  We talked about the lawyers we would hire for our loved ones if God forbid they were victims of a truck accident. This is our field.  We know the right people.

The next challenge was to figure out a way to get all the egos in check and get everyone to agree to work together.  We were able to do that by sharing our dream with these lawyers and showing them that together we can make a much bigger difference than any of us can make alone.  It does not cost a victim any more in fees to hire the Roundtable, with all of its strength and resources, than it does to hire a single local lawyer.

To date every one of the hand-picked lawyers we have invited to join us has accepted the invitation immediately once they knew who was involved in the firm.  We intend to continue to grow as additional exceptional lawyers are identified and vetted.  One thing is for sure, if you hire a Roundtable lawyer you can rest assured they know what they are doing when it comes to handling a truck accident case.

Mark my words today.  The Truck Accident Attorneys Roundtable is the firm of the future when it comes to handling truck accident cases – and it is underway today.

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