Truck Driver Charged after Rear-End Accident in North Carolina

RALEIGH, NC – A driver of an 18 wheeler was charged Saturday afternoon, September 4, after his semi trailer truck slammed into the back of a passenger vehicle that was stopping at a traffic light in Wake County, North Carolina. The rear-end truck accident occurred on Capital Boulevard near the city of Wake Forest, NC. The accident area is just north of the state capital of Raleigh in the central section of NC, about 77 miles east of Greensboro, NC and about 152 miles southwest of Suffolk, Virginia.

On Saturday afternoon 54 year old Juan Santos Oviedo was driving a semi trailer trailer truck south on Capital Boulevard near the city of Wake Forest, NC. It is not known what the truck driver was carrying in the trailer section, the company he worked for, or his destination.

At the same time 28 year old Jason Thomas Reed was in front of the 18 wheeler truck, driving a silver Nissan passenger truck. According to police at the time of the truck accident Mr. Reed was on his way to a local hospital to pick up his newborn son and wife and bring them home.

At about 4:30 p.m. Saturday as the two vehicles traveled south on Capital Blvd. they approached the juncture with Burlington Mills Road. The intersection is controlled with traffic lights. According to witnesses the light turned yellow and Mr. Reed applied his brakes and began to come to a stop. The semi truck driver traveling behind the Nissan was reportedly going too fast and was unable to slow down or maneuver to avoid a collision.

The semi trailer truck slammed into the back of the Nissan truck, crushing the back section of the smaller vehicle and pushing it into the intersection. After rear-ending the Nissan, the semi trailer truck continued moving forward, careening through the intersection and crashing into a utility pole on the side of the roadway.

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