What To Do When a Trucking Accident Occurs

tractor trailer driving down highway

Back in 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported nearly 2.5 million motor vehicle accident injuries, many of which involved trucks.

Damage caused by a trucking accident is not limited to vehicular wreckage alone. Serious injury, emotional distress and, in some cases, fatalities are often the result of such accidents.

Victims are left faced with painful recoveries, financial hardship and questions of what can be done to seek justice. The Truck Accident Attorneys are experienced in helping victims of these types of accidents find answers.

A lawsuit can be filed against the person or company responsible for causing the accident. Depending on the nature of the case, your claim can help stop dangerous drivers and truck accidents like this from frequently occurring on the road.

Seeking the Best Outcomes for Our Clients

We fight for the most favorable result possible for our clients. Many times, this has been a settlement of a million dollars or more. This compensation is awarded to pay for medical bills, physical therapy costs and other financial matters that may accrue as a result of an accident.

Here is just a sample list of successful cases we have handled for clients here in Georgia:

  • A $2.5 million settlement for a man in Lawrenceville who suffered orthopedic injuries when rear-ended by a tractor-trailer.
  • A $1.75 million settlement for a woman who suffered multiple leg fractures after being struck by a tractor-trailer while crossing the street in DeKalb County.
  • A $1 million settlement for a woman in Henry County who fatally collided with the side of a trailer that made an improper U-turn.

See more examples of how we have helped clients here.

Turn to Attorneys You Can Trust

A monetary settlement does not right the wrong that you, as a victim, had to endure. But it is a way to help support you during the recovery process. When you or a loved has been injured, we want you to be aware of all your legal options. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. There is no obligation.

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