Who is to Blame for Florida’s I-75 Pileup? Investigation Continues

White tractor trailer blurred traveling at high speeds on the highway

Ten people have died and many more are being treated for injuries resulting from a multi-vehicle accident on I-75 in Florida. In lieu of the completed investigation, smoke and fog are currently being blamed for Sunday’s tragedy.

Early Sunday morning, Florida Highway Patrol officers closed the highway due to lack of visibility and later reopened it. Shortly after, the collisions began. Drivers were blinded by both the fog and smoke from a nearby brushfire. At least 19 vehicles were involved, including seven tractor-trailers.

Visibility was reportedly so poor that rescuers could only locate victims by the sounds of their suffering.

Who is at fault?

As with many accidents, there are several parties who might be to blame for this catastrophe. One thing is clear: this is not simply an accident.

Investigators will try to discern whether the fire was started by someone, an act of arson that would carry with it charges of manslaughter and, possibly, felony murder.

Although no disciplinary action has yet been taken by the Florida Highway Patrol, the investigation will also look into why officers reopened the highway when visibility was evidently dangerously poor. Negligence on the part of the officers may have allowed this devastating wreck to occur.

There may be other people or organizations at fault as well. Many vehicle accidents involving tractor-trailers are caused by various factors that are not immediately apparent, including:

  • Untrained or poorly trained professional driver
  • Negligent behavior by the driver
  • Broken or poorly maintained vehicle or equipment
  • Unsafe road conditions that could have been prevented

Get Help!

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