For Truck Accident Lawyers: Year-End Case Law Update 2022

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Case law is constantly being updated with new rulings and determinations. We have provided below a summary of major court decisions from 2022 covering personal injury law. 

At Fried Goldberg, we aim not only to keep ourselves fully informed of case law updates, but also to share our findings with others practicing in the field of truck accident litigation. In this way, we also ensure the quality of truck accident litigation standards, and help truck crash survivors receive the high level of legal services they are entitled to. 

Below is a summary of selected Georgia personal injury case law rulings for 2022: 




Service after Expiration of Statute of Limitations

Plaintiff failed to exercise the greatest diligence to perfect service required by law in failing to make any service attempts during the five months between the day the statute of limitation expired (and counsel filed a special appearance to contest service). Fluellen v. Davis, 362 Ga. App. 512, 869 S.E.2d 169 (2022). 

Affidavit of Service

Original affidavit of service can be amended to change clerical mistake but cannot be amended to add additional people served or how service was made. Scott v. Smith-Denton, 364 Ga. App. 393, 875 S.E.2d 363 (2022).

Service by Publication

In order to have service by publication, the trial court must determine that all reasonable efforts have been made to serve the defendant and that the defendant is a resident who is actually present in the state and has knowledge of the suit but is wilfully secreting himself in order to frustrate reasonable efforts to effect personal service. Griffin v. Stewart, 362 Ga. App., 669, 870 S.E.2d 3 (2022); Shuler v. Akpan, 362 Ga. App. 811, 870 S.E.2d 235 (2022).


Tolling of Statute of Limitations for Covid

The statute of limitations for Covid is tolled 122 days if the end of the statute of limitations would normally be after July 14, 2020. If the end of the statute of limitations is in between March 14, 2020 and July 14, 2020, then the statute of limitations is tolled after July 14, 2020 for the number of days from March 14th until it would have normally expired. Beauparlant v. Aiken, 362 Ga. App. 341, 868 S.E.2d 482 (2022).

Tolling for Pending Criminal Charges

Wrongful death claimants are not victims of a crime and so are not entitled to tolling of the statute of limitations for victims of crimes during the pendency of criminal charges against the defendant. Hicks v. Universal Health Services, Inc., 364 Ga. App. 769, 874 S.E.2d 877 (2022).

Tolling for Minor and Estate Claims

When a lawsuit is filed on behalf of a minor, the tolling of the statute of limitations continues despite the filing of the lawsuit until the minor turns 18. For an intellectually disabled person, the tolling ends once the lawsuit is filed. For an estate claim, the five-year tolling of the statute of limitations ends once a permanent administrator is appointed and a temporary administrator does not end the tolling of the statute even if the temporary administrator files a lawsuit on behalf of the estate. Somani v. Cannon, 363 Ga. App. 610, 872 S.E.2d 9 (2022).


Acceptance of Offer

When an offer identifies the people to sign the release and who will be on the release, adding a person to a release is a material deviation from an offer to settle and is not an acceptance of an offer. Ligon v. Hu, 363 Ga. App. 251, 870 S.E.2d 802 (2022); Bennett v. Novas, 364 Ga. App. 364, 874 S.E.2d 871 (2022).

An attorney can create a binding settlement by orally accepting an offer regardless of whether or not that exceeds his client’s actual authority. Progressive Mountain Insurance Co. v. Butler, 364 Ga. App. 439, 875 S.E.2d 422 (2022).


Exclusion of Expert Testimony

A trial judge cannot exclude an expert from testifying just because the judge feels the conclusions of the expert are not as persuasive as the opposing expert. Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. v. Holder Construction, 362 Ga. App. 367, 868 S.E.2d 485 (2022).

Expert opinions not identified until just before trial should be excluded including any evidence related to the testimony because of false and misleading responses to interrogatories about an expert’s testimony and a failure to supplement the responses in a timely manner. Dunwoody Obstetrics and Gynecology, P.C. v. Franklin, 363 Ga. App. 90 (2022).

Police Officer Testimony as Expert

Police officer may testify concerning who had the right of way, and whether a driver was distracted and the sole cause of the accident based on the police officer’s investigation into the accident. Where the investigating officer’s opinion is based on his examination of physical evidence at the scene, and not solely on statements of witnesses, and where he does not opine as to the ultimate issue of a party’s negligence, his opinion on the cause of the accident is admissible as an assessment of fact and not a legal conclusion or a conclusion constituting a mixture of law and fact. Golden Peanut Company, LLC v. Miller, 363 Ga. App. 384, 870 S.E.2d 511 (2022).


Statutory Employee of Motor Carrier

The existence of a written or oral lease is required for a motor carrier to be held responsible as the statutory employer of the driver. Golden Peanut Co., LLC v. Miller, 363 Ga. App. 384, 870 S.E.2d 511 (2022).

Securing a Load

Anyone who participates in the loading process is potentially liable for negligently failing to secure a load pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 40-6-248.1. McEntyre v. Sam’s East, Inc., 313 Ga. 429, 870 S.E.2d 385 (2022).

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29. John Doe Claims

30. Personal Injury Damages

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33. Punitive Damages

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35. Sovereign Immunity for Governmental Entities

36. Dram Shop Liability

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38. Common Carriers, Elevators, and Escalators

39. Liability for Injuries on the Premises

40. Dog Bites

41. Bankruptcy, Stays, and Forum Non Conviens

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