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Large commercial trucks are dangerous for other motorists and can cause disastrous accidents when drivers lose control of their vehicles on highways or in cities. In Atlanta, the risks are very high that passenger cars and motorcycles can be affected by a rollover crash or a swerving tractor-trailer. Many truck accidents involve U.S. Xpress vehicles.

If you or a loved one has been involved in this kind of collision, you need a qualified U.S. Xpress truck accident lawyer from the law offices of Fried Goldberg LLC. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, we frequently represent clients in neighboring states and across the country. If you were injured, learn more about how we can help.

For live statistics on the number of accidents and injuries associated with U.S. Xpress trucks, see the interactive map on our Safety Statistics page.

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Company Snapshot

U.S. Xpress is a publicly traded company (ticker symbol USX) headquartered in Tennessee. Founded in 1985, it provides transportation services such as cargo handling, logistics brokerage, and transportation management services. 

U.S. Xpress serves many industries, such as automotive, floor coverings, food and beverage, manufacturing, and retail. U.S. Xpress has over 6,000 drivers and maintains a fleet of approximately 5,000 tractors and 13,000 trailers.

A truck accident can change your life in an instant

While many drivers share the road every day with semi-trucks and tractor-trailers, no one plans to be involved in a large truck accident. Due to the weight, size, and speed velocity of these vehicles, the injuries suffered are often catastrophic. They require an enormous amount of resources to afford healthcare costs, rehabilitation therapy, and make up for lost earning capacity.

But recovering financial compensation can be complicated. Large trucking companies and their insurance companies can afford teams of lawyers to fight for their interests. You need an experienced truck accident lawyer who knows how to fight back.

U.S. Xpress Truck Accident FAQ

What should I do if a U.S. Xpress truck hits my car?

There are several steps you should follow with any collision, such as receiving medical care and ensuring your safety and that of your passengers. Once you begin to recover physically, it is important to start the process of recovering financially if your car was hit by a U.S. Xpress driver. Hiring a skilled truck accident attorney will be crucial.

Some important steps to follow right after a truck accident are:

  • Receive emergency medical care right after the crash
  • Give your statement to the police at the scene
  • Inform your medical and automotive insurance companies
  • Inform family, friends, and your job of what has happened
  • Seek any additional medical treatment that is necessary
  • Retain an experienced U.S. Xpress truck accident lawyer

Your lawyer will investigate and collect evidence while you are rebuilding your life. As bills pile up, your legal team will calculate a list of damages to seek so you can focus on healing. They will speak to insurance companies and the U.S. Xpress lawyers on your behalf, as well as work with your auto repair shop. 

What damages can my U.S. Xpress truck accident lawyer recover in my case?

If a trucking company’s insurance carrier will not reach a settlement after an accident, then the next step is to proceed to a personal injury lawsuit. Even if a driver or other representative of U.S. Xpress is charged in a criminal suit, victims are able to pursue the recovery of damages through a civil suit.

Georgia’s “made whole doctrine” dictates the monetary value that can be assigned to different injuries you may suffer in a truck accident. The intent is to make the plaintiff “whole” by providing sufficient financial compensation so that they are able to resume life despite injuries and disabilities. These damages typically fall into two major categories:


  • Any medical expense, such as ICU or ER charges, hospital bills, surgical costs, medications, and medical devices
  • Lost wages from an inability to work
  • Loss of income potential (you can no longer be promoted due to injury)
  • Property damage, such as repairing or replacing your vehicle
  • Home health care expenses
  • Travel to and from medical appointments
  • Home services bills for things you can no longer do (housekeeping, yard work, home maintenance)
  • Home modifications to accommodate more severe and permanent disabilities


  • Pain and suffering (physical and emotional)
  • Mental anguish
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of companionship (with your spouse or children)
  • Loss of enjoyment of life (if you can no longer engage in hobbies)

If an accident is catastrophic or if the cause is egregious behavior, the judge may choose to award punitive damages. Plaintiffs can also request this type of award, which is meant to be especially harsh on the defendant and set an example to anyone else in the industry. When the defendant or their company is grossly negligent, these punitive damage awards can benefit the victim and their family. 

Do U.S. Xpress drivers have a bad accident record?

Generally, no. The driving records for U.S. Xpress drivers are no better or worse than for other companies. They also tend to have a slightly lower ratio of accidents per driven mile when compared to similarly sized trucking companies. 

U.S. Xpress reports that they prefer hiring more experienced drivers and contractors. However, as noted earlier, they are demonstrating an increase in accidents and fatalities over recent years.

It only takes one bad driver or one split-second mistake to cause a life-altering or life-ending truck accident. If you or your family was injured by a U.S. Xpress truck, contact us right away so we can quickly secure crucial evidence before it degrades or disappears.

How do I get compensation from U.S. Xpress?

Relying on a top-notch truck accident lawyer and their professional team is key to obtaining the maximum compensation from a U.S. Xpress lawsuit or insurance claim. Using lawyers with years of experience in litigating these cases can help you negotiate satisfactory settlements without going to trial. When you must proceed to a courtroom, having a complete tally of all the damages will ensure you and your family can recover financially.

Your legal counsel will develop an approach that showcases specific evidence that U.S. Xpress and its drivers are legally responsible for your accident. They can collect many types of evidence, such as:

  • Victim and witness statements: These are used to confirm details of the accident.
  • Camera footage and photos: Dashboard and traffic camera footage are useful as proof, as are photos from the crash scene.
  • Police reports: These show an official record of the incident.
  • Cell phone records: These can prove whether a driver was distracted at the time of the accident and provide GPS data showing whether a driver took the required amount of rest breaks.
  • Black box data: Heavy trucks often have Event Data Recorders (EDRs) that can provide information about the truck’s speed and braking during the time surrounding a crash.
  • Proof showing the extent of injuries and property damage is the foundation of a strong truck accident case. 

What Is the average settlement in truck accident cases against U.S. Xpress?

Because there are unique factors in every case which affect the amount a person receives, there is no one number or range that accurately describes an average truck accident settlement.

However, Fried Goldberg’s track record of verdicts and settlements include:

  • $52 million for severe brain injury
  • $31 million for wrongful death
  • $16 million for spinal cord injury

Our truck accident lawyers are experienced in reviewing your case to determine the maximum compensation you can pursue. In many situations, it is possible to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company for U.S. Xpress, while other cases end up proceeding to a jury trial.

If you’ve been hurt in a U.S. Xpress truck accident, we can help

The founding attorneys at Fried Goldberg helped revolutionize truck accident litigation by focusing on the fundamental differences between car and commercial truck accidents. By doing so, we have won multi-million dollar results for our clients, funds needed in cases of brain injury, spinal cord injury, and wrongful death.

Our experience in the field of truck accident lawsuits is unique and unmatched. Over 95% of our work is focused on truck accident claims involving serious personal injury or wrongful death, and we have won multiple 7- and 8-figure settlements for our clients. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

How is fault determined after a U.S. Xpress truck accident?

Your lawyer will gather all the evidence available to create a solid case showing how the U.S. Xpress driver caused your accident and how the company is at fault. They will also come prepared to protect you and your reputation from any opposing argument that tries to shift or spread blame. 

Determining liability between the driver and the relevant companies can be complex. That is why it is so important to have a skilled truck accident attorney who can successfully minimize the arguments of the opposing side.

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Are U.S. Xpress truck drivers responsible for damages?

Yes, in most cases. U.S. Xpress employs thousands of drivers but also uses thousands of contractors to drive their fleet. This means that the driver may or may not be a direct employee of U.S. Xpress, which changes who will be held liable for the accident. Private contractors will maintain their own insurance coverage and can be pursued separately. However, U.S. Xpress is responsible for hiring and regulating them, so they also bear responsibility and can be sued.

If the driver involved in your accident is a direct employee of U.S. Xpress, the responsibility will lie with the company. U.S. XPress lawyers work to negotiate any settlements. Your truck accident lawyer can advise you on filing claims against the most appropriate defendants.

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How long does it take to settle a U.S. Xpress commercial truck accident lawsuit?

Generally, it takes between a few months to several years to settle a U.S. Xpress commercial truck accident lawsuit. This is because trucking accidents are more complex than passenger car collisions. You are often filing against a driver, a company, and perhaps a manufacturer whose products were faulty and contributed to the crash.

In addition, trucking companies employ teams of lawyers who fight to deny insurance claims and any admission of fault in court. They know they have greater financial resources than the average victim and will drag out cases as long as possible.

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How long do I have to file a lawsuit after a U.S. Xpress truck accident?

Filing deadlines vary from state to state between 1-6 years. In Georgia, where Fried Goldberg is located, personal injury lawsuits have a deadline of two years from the date of the incident. This is a short window considering the time it takes to thoroughly investigate, gather evidence, and develop arguments for your case. That is why it’s so important to find an experienced U.S. Xpress truck accident lawyer as quickly as possible to maximize the opportunity of winning the compensation you deserve. 

When you or a loved one have been injured in a crash with a U.S. Xpress vehicle, you need a lawyer who will fight for you with courage and determination. At Fried Goldberg, we stand by your side and work tirelessly to seek justice for you and your family.

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