The 6 Biggest Truck Accident Settlements in the United States

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You only have one chance to bring an injury lawsuit and receive compensation — it’s important that you pursue the largest truck accident settlement possible to cover both past and future costs.

The settlements negotiated in commercial truck accident cases can provide multi-million dollar results for injured individuals and their families. This is due to two reasons: the profound injuries that large truck accidents can cause, and the high responsibility that wealthy companies have to ensure the safety of their vehicles and drivers.

These large sums are fair amounts needed to cover the actual losses associated with a permanent brain or spine injury, or the irreplaceable loss of a wrongful death. To secure what you and your family deserve, you’ll need an experienced and proven truck accident attorney.

The attorneys at Fried Goldberg have helped revolutionize truck accident litigation. We have achieved record-setting settlements and verdicts across the United States. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, tractor trailer and commercial truck accident cases are 95% of our firm’s focus — we know these cases inside and out.

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The 6 Largest Truck Accident Lawsuit Results in the US: Actual Settlement Amounts

Here are six of the largest truck accident settlements ever reached in the United States: 

1. $80 Million – Joe Fried’s Record-Setting Achievement

In 2016, our very own Joe Fried made history when his $80 million truck accident settlement became the largest dollar amount settlement in history.

The accident involved a truck driver near Savannah, Georgia, who slammed into a line of cars that had stopped due to a previous crash. The driver, who denied falling asleep or being distracted while driving, never hit his brakes. As a result, five nursing students were killed, and two more were seriously injured

The suit alleged that trucking company Total Transportation was negligent when it required the driver to wait 10 hours at a truck terminal before his vehicle was ready. He was then sent to drive overnight without verification he was in an alert condition to drive responsibly.

2.  $42 Million – Georgia Widow Compensated

A widowed Georgia woman received a $42 million settlement in 2011 after her husband lost his life due to a truck driver who ran a stop sign. This settlement was negotiated between a jury award of $40.2 million and a $55 million amount before the final agreement was reached.

“T-bone” or side-impact crashes like this one are among the types of truck accidents caused by negligence. They are usually the result of a missed stop sign or a stop light violation. 

3. $34 Million – Confidential Ohio Settlement

In 2014, a truck accident case in the state of Ohio settled for $34 million. Due to a confidentiality agreement, the specifics of the case cannot be discussed.

Your privacy can be maintained both during and after a settlement is negotiated. Speaking with attorneys at Fried Goldberg is entirely confidential, and we can work to protect your privacy and anonymity in a settlement agreement for your case.

4. $21 Million –  Pedestrian-Truck Accident Case Taken on by Fried Goldberg

In March 2022, Kirk Allen was struck by a tractor trailer while he was walking home from work. He was dragged several feet by the truck and sustained serious leg injuries. The tractor-trailer fled the scene, and Kirk eventually had both legs amputated.

There were no witnesses to what happened, and no one could identify the truck driver or trucking company. The police report classified the incident as a hit-and-run. Initially, no attorneys were willing to take on the case, as they didn’t believe it would be possible to identify either the driver or the trucking company.

Finally, attorney Richard Samms and co-counsel Fried Goldberg agreed to take on the case. We worked closely with accident reconstruction experts and local police to obtain any existing videos of the truck. After analyzing footage from cameras in the nearby area, our attorneys were able to positively identify the trucking company.

Further investigation confirmed Kirk had the proper traffic signal giving him the right of way while in the crosswalk. On account of our investigation and its results, insurance companies for the trucking company had no alternative but to pay our demand of $21 million dollars.

5. $16.5 Million – Disabling Interstate-95 Accident

In 2018 a settlement was reached for the 2015 crash that caused multiple injuries where a diesel fuel tank truck spill triggered events leading to a crash on I-95. One driver who had pulled to the side of the road to avoid the spill was hit by another driver who lost control of their vehicle after driving through the spill.

The injuries were extensive and included a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Multiple surgeries and physical therapy treatments were needed. Medical experts declared these injuries disabling, as they meant the injured person was no longer able to drive or work.

6. $10+ Million – Tracy Morgan vs. Walmart

tracy morgan walmart truck accident

Morgan’s injuries included a TBI and several broken bones. Another passenger’s wife, pregnant at the time of the accident, also sued for loss of consortium, which is the ​​deprivation of family relationship benefits such as affection and support.

The driver who caused the crash had been awake for 28 hours when he collided with Morgan’s limo. He was speeding at 65 mph in a 45-mph work zone. He was found to have “abdicated” (abandoned) his duty of care for the safety of others on the road.

Walmart’s counsel attempted to blame the plaintiffs for their own injuries because they were not wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash. Nevertheless, Walmart ultimately agreed on a $10 million settlement for McNair’s children and an undisclosed amount possibly in excess of $90 million to Morgan.

Semi-truck settlements can cover multiple types of losses, known legally as “damages.” They include medical bills, lost wages and job benefits, property repair, emotional pain and suffering, as well as wrongful death expenses.

Experts that can describe your injuries and their costs include doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, psychologists, economists, and accountants. Fried Goldberg handles hiring and consulting with experts on your behalf to build a winning case. Contact us at (877) 431-8891 — with one call our resources can become your resources.

Commercial Truck Accident Settlements vs. Verdicts: What’s the Difference?

In personal injury law, not all cases go to trial. In fact, the majority of these lawsuits are settled before a verdict is reached — over 95% of cases. Here is the difference between a pre- or mid-trial settlement and a verdict:

  • Settlements: Lawsuit settlements have the benefit of a quicker resolution. Instead of going through a full trial process before a judge or jury, the plaintiff (you and your family) and the defendants (the opposing parties like drivers, trucking carrier companies, or insurance reps) come to a fair agreement. The amount is based on the cost of your injuries and the quality of life losses you’ve suffered.
  • Verdicts: If the other side will not agree to a fair settlement, your lawyer can take your case to court. While this may take longer, judges and juries have the discretion to order far larger sums than the opposing side would ever agree to pay. This includes punitive or “punishment” damages if their actions have been particularly reckless or appalling.

Jury awards can lead to far higher amounts, in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars in top cases. Your truck accident lawyer from Fried Goldberg will do everything possible to achieve the results you need to move forward with dignity and care. If that means going all the way to trial, we’ll be by your side every step of the way to secure the maximum compensation.

Contact Lawyers for Semi-Truck Accident Settlements

Calculating a trucking accident settlement involves accounting for multiple factors before arriving at the final amount. These factors can include both economic damages shown by receipts for medical care or paystubs, as well as non-economic damages like pain and suffering or loss of consortium. 

All of your losses have worth. 

The team at Fried Goldberg has the resources and connections to hire medical and accounting experts to thoroughly describe and calculate the true cost of the harm you’ve suffered. We do this upfront in negotiations — we do not wait for a trial to build the strongest possible case on your behalf. By fully investigating the accident and preparing as if for trial at the negotiation stage, we increase the likelihood of securing a substantial settlement in a timely manner. 

You deserve closure as soon as possible, without settling for less.

Negotiating a significant semi-truck accident settlement requires the assistance and guidance of an experienced attorney. With more than 100 years of combined experience with commercial trucking cases, the lawyers at Fried Goldberg are the team that can guide you to a better future.

Fried Goldberg has experience securing record-breaking results.

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