Super Bowl of Safety for Truckers

A line of parked semi trucks

Every year, the National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC) is hosted by the Safety and Loss Prevention Management Council of the American Trucking Association (ATA). The event dates back to 1937, when it was called the National Truck Roadeo, although rules have changed considerably since then. The 2011 event is being held in Orlando, Florida August 9th through 13th.

What NTDC Promotes

The Truck Driving Championships in each state as well as the NTDC are a part of the industry’s largest safety programs. The competitions inspire tens of thousands of truck drivers to operate accident-free for the right to compete. It also promotes friendly competition between carriers for who want to claim the most championships, thereby incentivizing them to hire and maintain a workforce of the safest drivers.

How NTDC Works

The winners of eight classes of competition from 50 State Trucking Associations’ championships compete for the national title of Grand Champion in each category. Permission to enter to competition requires a year of accident-free prior to the event, as well as at least one year employment with their current carrier. The competition entails:

  • Written examination
  • Personal interview
  • Pre-trip inspection test
  • Driving skills test

The driving skills test includes demonstrations of braking, parking, backing and maneuvering skills.

Although competitors come from the different states, national carriers with operations in many states enjoy competition to see how many of their drivers will make it as finalists. Companies such as FedEx may boast numerous National Champions, National Grand Champions and other titles including Professional Excellence Award or Rookie of the Year. The ATA also encourages carries to conduct their own championships, offering how-to packets, reports and forms online.

Safety and Fun

It is beneficial for truck drivers across the nation to have this kind of encouragement and reward for safety. Many workers in America risk their lives by performing the demands of their jobs, but fewer have the safety of thousands of others in their hands like truck drivers. With much of the Americans economy and our roadway safety relying on truck drivers, it is uplifting to see safety and skill being celebrated.

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