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For live statistics on the number of accidents and injuries associated with Con-way Freight/XPO Logistics trucks, see the interactive map on our Safety Statistics page.

Why Do You Need a Con-way Truck Accident Lawyer?

In recent reports, Con-way Freight/XPO vehicles were part of 176 crashes with 18 fatalities in just one year.


Large commercial trucks are vital to commerce in our country but bring significant risk to other motorists when accidents occur. Heavy freight loads, complicated equipment, and driver errors can all contribute to catastrophic injuries or deaths when cars and trucks collide. Big cities and rural areas alike are subject to significant damage from tractor-trailor truck collisions or rollover incidents.

If you or a loved one have been involved in this kind of crash, you need a qualified Con-way truck accident lawyer from the law offices of Fried Goldberg. Over 95% of our work is focused on serious personal injury, wrongful death, and truck accident claims. We have won multiple 7- and 8-figure settlements for our clients, and we will work hard to win compensation for you.

Reach out to us online to schedule a free consultation, or call our Atlanta offices directly at (877) 591-1801. Our attorneys revolutionized how truck accident cases are handled, and we will help navigate your case to a satisfactory result.

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Company Snapshot

Con-way Freight originated in Michigan in 1983 and operated regional shipping services in several Midwest states. The company was acquired in 2015 by XPO Logistics, Inc. As a brand, Con-way no longer exists, and its business currently functions under the XPO Logistics banner as of 2017. 

This means all Con-way drivers now drive for XPO Logistics. They specialize in hauling less than truckload (LTL) freight. XPO Logistics has over 89,000 employees worldwide and operates approximately 8,000 tractors and 25,000 trailers.

What Is the Average Settlement in Truck Accident Case Against Con-way?

There is no one number or even range that adequately describes an “average” truck accident settlement against Con-way Freight/XPO Logistics or any other company. That is because each case is decided on variable factors like the losses suffered, the cause (or causes) of the crash, and the skill of the attorney who represents the injured party.

In recent years, serious truck accident cases have experienced a dramatic increase in payout amounts towards so-called “nuclear awards.” These can be amounts so significant that they cause a trucking company to go out of business. 

While large trucking companies often carry substantial insurance policies, the increase in nuclear awards has caused insurance carriers to limit the amount of coverage they will provide after paying a large settlement. This means more trucking companies must cover the remainder of high jury awards themselves, sometimes going bankrupt in the process if that is what justice requires. 

An experienced truck accident attorney will research your case and work to win the highest compensation available. Fried Goldberg’s lawyers have won multi-million dollar awards in settlements and verdicts for our clients in truck accident cases.


What Do You Do When a Con-way Truck Hits Your Car?

Suddenly experiencing a vehicle collision is terrifying and often life-altering. You may be have been severely injured and in need immediate attention, or your loved one may have been rendered unconscious on impact. 

 Once you are safe and stabilized, here are some recommended actions to take after a truck accident:

  • Contact an attorney right away for immediate advice, and to authorize them gather evidence on your behalf.
  • If you are able, write down or record any fresh memories you have of the accident for your personal recollection.
  • Report the crash to the police and your insurance carriers (medical and automotive)—your attorney can advise you on what details are appropriate to share, and which may be kept private. 
  • Notify your family, friends, and supervisors who need to know about your condition.
  • Follow all doctor’s instructions, keep all medical appointments, and retain any paperwork associated with your medical care.

An experienced lawyer and their team can investigate your case to determine fault and calculate the damages to seek. You can concentrate on healing without worrying about speaking with insurance companies, attorneys for the defendant, and auto repair shops. Your legal counsel can work to remove the stress and complexity of seeking a settlement.


Are Con-way Truck Drivers Liable for Accidents?

Yes, truck drivers are held liable for accidents if they are responsible for the crash. Additionally, liablility may also fall with or be shared by:

  • The truck itself, meaning the manufacturer of the truck or the mechanic that maintains it. Examples include accidents caused by malfunctioning parts or a blown tire due to overinflation.
  • The cargo owner if material was packed so unsafely as to cause leaks, poisonings, explosions, or dangerous imbalance for the vehicle.
  • The road if it is in disrepair or built so that a truck driver does not have the space necessary to react in time to signage or lane closures.

 If a truck driver is too fatigued to effectively do his or her job, or is not adequately trained to handle their vehicle, the responsibility of their mistakes may also rest with their employers (like third-party contractors) and with the trucking company that hired them. A skilled attorney will be able to sort out and identify all the responsible parties, thereby maximizing your compensation. 

Companies like Con-way Freight/XPO Logistics have a responsibility to hire qualified drivers, schedule them safely, and provide failsafes for known dangers like truck wear-and-tear or overloaded cargo.


Why Do Con-way Trucks Crash So Much?

In the most recent annual reporting period, Con-way Freight/XPO vehicles were part of 176 crashes with 18 fatalities. The reasons for these types of accidents are usually due to:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Driver illness 
  • Distracted driving habits such as using a cell phone, watching entertainment while driving, or being distracted by events on the roadway
  • Dangerous actions such as speeding, following other vehicles too closely, or driving recklessly
  • Driver skill deficits such as drivers who lack experience or training, causing them to panic or respond poorly to road or traffic conditions
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Driving without using monitoring equipment
  • Defective parts (brakes, hitches, tires)
  • Poorly secured freight

Whatever the reason for your accident, your attorney from Fried Goldberg will work diligently to find the cause, compile the evidence showing that cause, and build a case to hold all responsible parties accountable.

By finding every contributing factor to a truck accident, your lawyer from Fried Goldberg opens up all possible compensation resources in your case. By maximizing results, we help improve the lives of our clients, and incentivize real change in the trucking industry.


Trusted Leaders in Truck Accident Litigation

If you or your loved one were injured in a Con-way Freight/XPO Logistics crash, you deserve proven representation from your legal team. At Fried Goldberg, we have built our practice around ensuring that truck accident survivors receive full justice for their losses and injuries.

Contact us today either online or by phone at (877) 591-1801. We are ready to answer your questions, advise you of your rights, and possibly represent you every step of the way through the legal process. Let us be your guides on the road to recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is fault determined after a Con-way, Inc. truck accident?

Fault is determined by examining the evidence presented during a settlement negotiation or a jury trial. The stronger your evidence demonstrating the defendant’s liability, the more likely you will win your case. Your truck accident lawyer will collect reports, videos, and other items to show a clear timeline of your collision and how all parties participated.

 Keep in mind that the opposing attorney will work just as hard to show that Con-way Freight/XPO Logistics is not at fault. This is why it’s vital to have an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side who knows their tactics. We know how to protect your best interests by leaving no room for the other side to gain the upper hand.

Are Con-way truck drivers responsible for damages?

Yes, in the majority of cases. When a driver are a direct employee of Con-way/XPO Logistics, the company will use its insurance to cover the costs of a settlement or jury award. It is possible to pursue a separate lawsuit against the driver when advised by your lawyer, but the largest compensation usually comes from a company instead of an individual.

It is also possible to sue manufacturers of equipment used on Con-way Freight/XPO Logistics trucks, such as any parts or tires. In a recent case, a third party was successfully sued for improperly loading granite slabs onto a trailer, causing a deadly accident. Both XPO Logistics and the granite manufacturer (DuPont) were found to be partially responsible. 

Fried Goldberg’s experienced truck accident lawyers can guide you on how to file the appropriate personal injury claims for the most satisfactory outcome.

How long does it take to settle a Con-way commercial truck accident lawsuit?

Settling lawsuits against a company like Con-way Freight/XPO Logistics can take anywhere from a few months to several years. Trucking accidents are often much more complicated than other collisions, involving multiple vehicles and causes. It can take some time to establish a full picture of what happened and determine who is at fault.

 As mentioned before, trucking companies have teams of lawyers who work very hard to protect their clients from losing lawsuits. They are responsible for protecting the company from financial damage and the loss of its reputation, so they fight to deny insurance claims, which can cause delays in justice.

Your attorney will work efficiently on your behalf, compel the other side to cooperate by all legal means available, and keep you updated on the progress of your case every step of the way.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit after a con-way truck accident?

Most states require that you file a personal injury lawsuit, like one for a truck accident, within one year of the date of the collision. The filing deadline is usually within two years to file a wrongful death suit. However, it is important to check with your state’s specific laws or ask your legal counsel.

 Filing as quickly as possible is important to ensure that your legal team has enough time to gather all relevant evidence. Moving quickly also means that evidence does not get lost or destroyed, or that witnesses forget details as time passes. Experienced attorneys will ensure they do not overlook anything that can help your case.

 Hiring a Con-way truck accident lawyer from Fried Goldberg LLC will give you the best chance of winning the maximum compensation you deserve. We stand by your side and work tirelessly to seek justice for you and your family. Call us today at (877) 591-1801 or use our convenient online form to schedule a free consultation.

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The Truck Accident Attorneys at Fried Goldberg LLC devote at least 95% of their caseload to representing the victims of accidents involving tractor trailers and other commercial vehicles. Our extensive experience with the laws governing the trucking industry is the reason we are routinely successful at taking on trucking companies when someone is seriously injured.

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